Brock The Badger - 2017-09-25
In response to Re MGTOW (Mum's Troll)

Sounds all very hedonistic. Engaging in such a life-style should be very challenging and keep you busy all day. How comes that you still find the time for posting about it here? It seems that at least currently you lack the opportunities to live up to your own expectations. Good luck in dreaming!

I don't know so much, Westminster members of parliament are always getting discovered kneeling down behind the gazebo giving blow-jobs to brothers in London parks, even those ones with busy schedules find time. Busy people can always find time, it's the ones who say they can't find time who are the lazy ones. This MGTOW geezer might need to take a break from his hedonistic gallivanting from time to time and tell us on the forum all about it. Even Trump can write on TWEET.

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