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#1 Parent caring - 2018-03-29
Re stupid entitled Western women

Don't you feel "entitled" to post on the teachers' board? You think 'cause you're sad others should follow? And Silverb**** wonders why none of the human beings want to be with you for longer than a day.

I just watched a video where a fat and not very attractive 31 y/o USA woman with a Phd complains that nobody wants to marry her.

She thinks because she has a PhD in history that men should be kissing her arse. Well, she is ugly, she is on a low salary ( average salary for historians over 40 in USA is 61,000 USD a year, unlikely she earns anything even remotely close to that )

On top of that, she has a totally unrealistic list of requirements for her future partner. And this bitch wonders why nobody wants to marry her?

Any MGTOW could easily destroy any argument she puts forward. Nobody wants to marry her because she is fat, delusional, and an entitled bitch.

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