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#1 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
Re stupid entitled Western women

That may soud wonderful on the surface, but women do actually have a role to play within society and we'd worse off without them. The problem is that a lot are forgetting how to be feminine.

#2 Parent Goomba - 2018-03-29
Re stupid entitled Western women

Reproduction through artificial wombs doesn't belong to science fiction anymore.


Soon enough, you will even be able to choose your baby's gender, race, skin shade, eyes and hair color, etc... and how tall he/she will be when reaching adulthood. Genetic manipulation is one way to improve the human body, the other being augments.

Through genetic manipulation, we can eliminate imperfections and shortcomings, we can cure genetic diseases that have been around since the dawn of our race. But most importantly, we won't depend on women anymore in order to reproduce.

What will modern entitled women have to offer to men in order to justify wedlock then?

If women change their attitude to be nice and caring, then maybe, MAYBE, men will be willing to marry them and to share their wealth and resources with them. Until then, it looks like ever more men will say no to relationships, hookers are cheap and plentiful.

#3 Parent John O'Shei - 2018-03-29
Re stupid entitled Western women

What you say kind of makes sense but I don't totally agree with you. People still need to reproduce, especially those of European heritage. However, for somebody who is a little older, being a little self-centred and hedonistic is totally forgiveable.

A traditional marriage path is still a good thing in my eyes. However, finding a good traditional wife these days is so difficult; one may have to wonder how not so traditional they are willing to tolerate. For me, I have no problem with a woman that wishes to work, as long as they don't neglect the duties of child rearing when they come. Also, I don't care too much for total purity, it can be a unrealistic expectation these days and who even actually likes virgins anyway?

Despite that, one should avoid the cock carousel riding types of women at all costs. I believe that your late 20s to early 40s can potentially be a dangerous time as once as a man has finished saving all that money, there's clever women out there that will move in for the kill. Be even smarter than those scheming whores, like this guy:


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