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Chadderton Pride - 2018-03-29
In response to Re stupid entitled Western women (Roy Eszterhazy)

Why not accepting that woman as an individual looking for a lover without those hate comments, SB? A woman like that wouldn't be my personal cup of tea either. However, after all, she is a human being and she hasn't done anything not to deserve a bit of basic respect as such. I wouldn't call you out because of your current personal looks either. I have a good advice for you: Practice some type of martial arts; it would help your mind and body....

Brilliant name, Eszterhazy,congratulations. Not a lot wrong with, SB, he just doesn't like spongers. I imagine he's actually quite kind to all women. I bet he wouldn't call some woman a white slut after having his way with her like the British boxer did that has been in the news recently. Mind you, she had it coming, should have dated a nice man in her own circle. No ,what he says about women on this forum, I doubt if he says to them face to face.

At the time of Tinker, Tailor, Esterhase has a son at Westminster and a daughter at medical school. He is married, but has a reputation as a womaniser.

When the Circus became polarised between supporters of the ailing Chief, "Control", and his rival, Percy Alleline, Esterhase gravitated towards Alleline out of ambition, forgetting his past loyalty to Smiley, who was Control's supporter. Along with Alleline, Bill Haydon, and Roy Bland, Esterhase forms part of the "magic circle" with access to the marvelous Soviet intelligence code-named "Witchcraft," supplied by the mysterious "Source Merlin."

Esterhase is one of the five high-ranking Circus officers Control suspects of being a Soviet mole. After Control's death, Esterhase embraces the new Alleline regime and allows his lamplighters to be almost entirely given over to serving Operation Witchcraft, which is in fact nothing but a disinformation campaign orchestrated by Soviet spymaster Karla. Esterhase's own role is to pretend to be a Soviet mole when meeting with the Soviets. They know he is not, of course, but his pretense provides a cover story for Alleline, Bland, and Esterhase himself, justifying his role as a courier between the real mole, Haydon, and his Soviet controllers.

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