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#1 Parent Whopper - 2018-03-29
Re The golden days

Well, one thing is for sure - SB has and had the balls to put evil Chinese school owners and their lackeys in place when they ask(ed) for it. His other views regarding China, women etc sound like coming from a racist and one who is degrading women like Trump. Presidents like Trump can put world peace at risk the same way as the madman in Pyongyang does, and one good thing about "libtards" is that they are more careful and think about the consequences before they get on a horse to ride to Dodge City to fight the bandits. Below the level of politics at a global level where world leaders are rightfully careful and considerate in terms of the consequences their actions may entail, there is no reason to refrain from openly blaming evil employers for what they are.

There are and were only a few people on here who have the balls to go against such employers and their lackeys.

haha, nobody "laughed" me out of China, I left of my own free will, and no, I was not "deported" as is being reported by some south China ex-pat groups.
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