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caring - 2017-09-03
In response to Re The golden days (Whopper)

Our "golden days" come with the whole nine yards of everyone's life, so we shouldn't lack considerations.

SB talks about his own "golden days" as a model and not about politics as you do.
In that respect, your post here is entirely off-topic.
We're entitled to our opinions.

The challenges that the world is facing today, btw, do not come from Europe but from the
islamo-arabic part of this world with its political and social instability there and
islamistic terrorism as result. The other real political crisis that puts world peace at
risk is the madman in Pyongyang and the power games that the associated powers (China,
Russia, USA) are involved in.
The "islamo-arabic part of the world" neither plays a major role in GWP (Gross World Product) nor it influences economies of major player nations except the example of Saudi Arabia (about 20th economy in rankings) that mostly depends on its oil exports. Politically,those nations in the region are peanuts to the ones in EU and eastern Asia (except poor North Korea) which is why I disagree with you. All in all, the major wars in recent about thousand years history of world have come from political and economic instabilities in EU and expensionism of Japanese and Chinese empires.

What I concur here on is the "terrorism" that has truly been branded before as freedom fighting. The radical, who assasinated Archduke Franz prior to WW1, fit such a profile. The event caused unprecedented misery on Earth and produced an Austrian soldier (Hitler) who eventually began the WW2. So, conflicts in wrong places catalyse faster than in places accustomed to actions and reactions.

As for the topic, I see the golden days as days when people, who aren't used to violence, live in right places. Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong or Saddam Hussein, in their nations, may have abused and taken lives of many people; however, they really have not ruined the world to such extent as some others have. In my opinion, 1950s and 1960s were the golden days for North Americans, Western Europeans and even some Eastern Europeans while quite a few other nations around the world were satisfied as well. My view of 1970s and 1980s is that they were not much different except that the US with the innitiative of Nixon adjusted the course in which the western powers moved forward. The petro dollar and acceleration in anti-communist campaigns set the tone to the eventual fall of the iron curtain that held the world in tact. Since fine folks in regions where economies are strong are quietly displaced and since they are in wrong places, they are the dangerous catalysis which may sadly accelerate the chain reaction of similar proportions as before.

In summary, what the golden days are for one may be dark days for the other. Whether all of us learn to enjoy the golden days together selflessly remains to be seen.

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