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caring - 2018-03-29

1991 or 1985 have truly been fine for many people. Those days, however, would probably have been even more "golden", had it not been for the petro-dollar and major corporations pushing the most powerful politicians over the edge. Had I had that "time machine" you're talking about, I would've turned it to the moment prior to Nixon's abrupt decision to move away from gold to oil. Even further i'd turn that fine machine to the day after the second world war when some major powers agreed in the US (somewhere near Boston I think) that the American dollar was to be the international currency. Either of those two significant times, I would've served the humankind rather than a few politicians and corporations and so whacked the ones responsible for the agreements. Perhaps, those "golden days" would've extended to way more people than they have.

I will agree with you that the world was better in 1991 and before, but most of what you post
is fluffy rhetoric.

I in fact preferred the even more simple times around 1985. I'd do anything to go back in a
time machine, that truly was the "good ol days".

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