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#1 Parent Taffy - 2018-03-29
Re let the good times roll

I was in Soi 6 last night last night, Lisa Bar, the place is still fucking crazy even after later starts. Most incredible street in Asia. Met this new girl "Joom", a little sweetie, 32 yo.

Bloody Hell, she looks nice, looks like the sort of girl you could take home to meet the family.

Don't you worry about them last two female posters. It could be inner turmoil- they feel that the part of themselves which made them like what they saw when they saw that hunk-image has betrayed them. Trust me I knows these pseudo academics. And don't forget the old Chinese adage- 'If it looks like a witch and it cackles like a witch it is a witch' Again Linux is giving me grief. The characters are there but there's something wrong with the pinyin. So here it is manually.

ru guo ta kan qi lai xiang ge wu shi, xiao qi lai xiang wu shi, ta jiu shi yi ge wu shi. (the cackle relies on context-not as rich as English)

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