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Taffy - 2018-03-29
In response to Re executed for farting (The Wise)

not behaving properly in a Western nation, then put them in their place - not because they are Muslims but because of their improper behaviour as individuals. Farting in a mosque is as improper as farting in a church or a Buddhist temple. It offends other people and is considered to disturb the "holiness" of the place.
While the death penalty for this may be out of proportion in Western eyes, you will need to realise that this is a Western view not necessarily shared by other non-Western people, whether you like it or not.

Yes, well, Mr Wise, by the same token you will need to realise that that is a Muslim point of view and “not necessarily” doesn’t come into it- it’s a point of view and despicable behaviour not shared by anybody else in the world. The punishment must fit the crime. We should not have people who behave like animals living alongside us. Farting in a mosque is purely bad behaviour and should attract a month in prison if the perpetrator persists. It doesn’t even sound like any psychiatric investigation was done to assess the mental state of the farter. Even people with mental problems need our support. You are willing to use mentally ill people as sacrifices to appease the Muslims.

There are so many contradictions in this world. With reference to your buddy on here, one of them is the hypocrite who blows the trumpet for tolerance towards gays, lesbians and women but constantly sows anti-.Muslim sentiments and is arguing about Africans being unable to speak and write proper English. 是口非心. Indeed.

I don't know why you are using Chinese- I would suggest Persian or some such other God-awful language might be more appropriate. However, as you have, I am bound to say you got your words arse-about-face, Hahaha! CXan't help you out at moment because just installed a new Linux on PC and haven't installed Chinese yet, but will pop it into pinyin for you- this is what it should be 'kou3 shi4 xin1 fei1' Well, you do say wot you mean, all nonsense and a lot more besides which you shouldn't say, cos you're an idiot, Hahaha!
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