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#1 Parent Taffy - 2018-03-29
Re a great timepiece

Quite a few bald men are attractive to women. Some women also like men who are a bit fat.

When the OP talked about "filthy, smelly, bald and fat men" who like nice watches I'm not sure he was referring to me.

I'm not fat, and I'm very fussy about having a clean body so I don't smell. I'll admit I am starting to really lose hair though.

No problem, I still have no problem with the ladies, haha!

Trump has a good head of hair so they go for his skin tone. Head- hair one way or another isn't a big consideration for most women- although in this case I feel the critisism came from a female- could be a frustrated one, I can't say.

{For those who don't want American spelling but get it anyway, you might try right clicking on a word and selecting 'languages' and then 'united kingdom english' But there's loads of other ways if that option is unavailable. Must remember if any way is correct it's English English. Simplification is bullshit because you don't leave inches and ounces in place if you want simplification. It's just bad spelling.}

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