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#1 Parent Taffy - 2017-07-02
Re: Re terrorist attacks by Muslims

And now there are terrorist attacks against Muslims by white guys...

Violence is out of order, and that's all about it! However, you can't help feeling sorry for the odd unhinged white person- maybe acting totally out of character and half-crazed by the ever growing Muslim fear of violence. Society is lacking in it's ability to help such people before they succumb to madness and intrusive preoccupations.

#2 Parent Curious - 2017-07-02
Re: Re terrorist attacks by Muslims

And now there are terrorist attacks against Muslims by white guys...

#3 Parent John O'Shei - 2017-07-02
Re terrorist attacks by Muslims

I remember the good old days when I could still count all the Islamic terrorist attacks that had taken place over the 5 years prior.

Now, it is not even a major story unless it is an exceptionally big attack; we're now being told to get used to it.

Silverboy - 2017-06-05
terrorist attacks by Muslims

Here are just a few terrorist incidents perpetrated by Muslims, and this is only from 2000-2005, let alone the ones in the past twelve years.

Anybody who thinks this is not a serious problem is nuts!

September 11 2001, jets crashed into WTC, New York, and into Pentagon.
Another jet crashes into a field. 2996 people killed, thousands injured.

October 12 2002, car bombs outside of nightclubs and suicide bomber in a bar
in Bali, Indonesia, kill 202 people

May 2003, suicide bombers, Casablanca, Morocco, kill 41 people.

August 2003, car bomb, Jakarta, kills 11

November 2013, truck bomb attack at British Consulate and also HSBC bank in
Istanbul, Turkey, 60 people killed.

March 11 2004, train bombings in Madrid, Spain, kill 191 people, 1800 injured
( a government was toppled because of this attack )

September 2004, car bomb outside of Australian Embassy, Jakarta, 9 killed.

July 7, 2005, bombings, suicide attackers, buses, underground stations, London, UK, 50 killed.

October, 2005, second Bali bombings, bombs on beach, suicide bombers, 20 people killed.

Since 2015 alone several attacks in France, January 2015, 12 killed, 130 killed in November 2015 Paris attack.

July 2016 attack at least 81 killed.

2017, three terrorist attacks in the UK in less than three months.

This does not include smaller scale incidents, eg: police officers executed by Muslim terrorists in the UK and Australia.


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