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Timur Kabush <> - 2018-06-04

Hello, I'm a teacher of English as a foreign language in the 3-11th grades, in Comprehensive School 219, Minsk, Belarus. With my students we have a big experience in pen-pall's projects. Every year we take part in some pen pal projects. I found it very useful for my students to be in correspondence with other students who are from English speaking or not from English speaking countries but study English. It motivates students. They understand how helpful it is to know English for communication and getting acquainted with different cultures all around the World.
This School Year I will work with the 3d grade (about 16 students), 6th grade (about 20 students), 9th (about 16 students), 10th (about 16) and 11th (10 students) but it's possible to enlarge groups with other teachers students.
We are interested in getting in contact with anyone who would like to become snail pen pals. With great pleasure we'll share the information about our life in this country. We could exchange snail mail, photos, post cards, maps, flags, drawings, recorded video and audio messages etc.
Tim Kabush (Mr)

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