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My Russian for your English - My pupils are 16-18 -- Lara -- 2017-03-05
Hello! I am a teacher in Russia. I am 25 and i live in Chukotka and i and my pupils 16-18 are eager to improve English. We can also correspond in Russian sometimes just to help you to learn it..
My Russian for your English -- Anna -- 2016-06-14
Hello ! My name is Anna.I would like to improve my English I'll help u with u Russian. I like reading,baking,fishing. If your native language is Engkish Do not hesitate to write me!)
My Russian for your English -- Assem -- 2016-04-15
Hi everyone!My name is Assem.I am from Kazakhstan.I am native speaker of Russian and Kazakh languages.I would like to improve my English and help to anyone who wants to learn Russian.My skype..
My Russian for your English -- Olga -- 2015-12-03
Hello, friends! I am a native Russian speaker in Siberia. I would like to teach English in exchange for teaching Russian. Skype will work for me!
My Russian for your English -- Janna -- 2015-09-11
Hello, guys! My name is Janna. I am looking for a native speaker to practice English. I can in turn help you with Russian. hope to hear from you.
My Russian for your English -- Vitaly -- 2014-10-11
Hey All, My native Russian to you native English. Drop me a line if you interested in practice and want's to learn new things.
My Russian for your Arabic, German, English -- Azamat -- 2014-10-07
I'm russian native speaker who'd been learning english, german and arabic for several years.Beacause of a lack of practice, i forgot something and would like to revise and to improve my english,..
My Russian for your British English -- kotikissa -- 2014-08-10
I'm looking for email penpals and language exchange partners (Russian - Br.English), preferably native British English speakers around my age (28-45 y/o), interested in Russian language and culture...
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