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Language Exchange Websites: -- / David -- 2016-08-06
Find thousands of language exchange partners in every country worldwide on Free Exchange. Totally free to contact and practice with each other. Make new friends, and meet in person or..
Language Exchange Websites: Chinese -- PopOn / AlexisP -- 2016-06-02
Hi everybody! .. I wanted to let you know about a great App you can use for language practice with native speakers of Chinese! .. PopOn is a language partner App that connects users with Chinese..
Language Exchange Websites: -- / matt -- 2016-03-01
Hi Everyone, .. I know it can be hard finding someone to practice a language with. That's why I decided that I have to share with you a website i found called, italki. Here, EVERYONE wants to..
Language Exchange Websites: Looking for language exchange partners? -- aitor -- 2016-02-08
Langademy ( is a free language exchange social network, and it’s based on a timebanking system. Each user begins with 5 hours to practice the language he wants. If he speaks in..
Language Exchange Websites: Online Language Exchange -- eTutor School -- 2015-12-24
eTutor School is a matching service offered by ETS Global Network, LLC where students connect with tutors via an online learning platform. We also provide language exchange online where you can find..
Language Exchange Websites: app using Instagram feeds -- Ramsel -- 2014-11-22
Hello, .. I'm posting because we're making an app for language exchange using Instagram feeds as conversation starters and we need more English learners! Here are some photos of recent chats: ....
Language Exchange Websites: -- Evan -- 2014-10-01
Hi Everyone! I created a android application called Colango! Colango is a social language community where you can learn language from other's authentic content. You can create simple language lessons..
Language Exchange Websites: -- -- 2014-09-27
Hi There, I've set up an online language exchange website where native speakers can practice conversation with other language learners. You can also find persons for a language learning Pen Pals..
Language Exchange Websites: Exchange of Japanese for other languages -- -- 2014-08-11
Many of our users are studying Japanese and are interested in exchanging their native language for Japanese.
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