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My Spanish for your English or French -- Jonathan -- 2019-01-10
Hola mi nombre es Jonathan, soy de Costa Rica, me gustaria intercambiar mi español, por ingles o frances. .. me gusta leer, dibujar, ver peliculas. .. Saludos, .. Hi my name is Jonathan, I´m from..
My Spanish for your English -- Olga Darrib -- 2018-06-04
Hello everyone! I am a English teacher in Vigo, Spain. I have some students who want to do a Spanish-English language exchange. They are from 11 to 16. If you are interested, write me and we can chat..
My Spanish for your English for my 8-12 y old students -- Judit -- 2016-10-13
Hello! I'm an English teacher in Catalonia and I'd like my students to have a penfriend this year. They are 8-12 years old and they are quite good in English. We can offer either Spanish or Catalan...
My Spanish for your American English -- Fernando -- 2015-11-15
soy Latinoamericano y me gustaria intercambiar la enseñanza de español por ingles Americano
My Spanish for your English -- elvia -- 2015-08-24
I am 52 years old and I want to practise my English with a person can help me with English
My Spanish for your English -- Ada -- 2015-05-02
Hi my name is Ada. I`m a girl who wants to improve her English. I can help you with your Spanish and your French. I come from Madrid. I´m looking for someone who wants to do a language exchange with..
Pen Pals for my Students: My students' Spanish for your student's English -- Barbara Soubannier -- 2015-02-17
Hello! I am a TEFL teacher in Buenos Aires French-Argentinian High School. I am looking for penpals for my students (11-18 years old). They can speak French and Spanish fluently and are really..
My Spanish for your English -- Are you available for Educalia Écija S.C -- 2015-01-28
Some English students at our academy, EDUCALIA ECIJA in the heart of Andalucía, south-Spain, are interested in getting in touch with native English speakers to improve their writing skills. They are..
My Spanish for your English, German, French and/or Italian -- Francisco Ferrer -- 2014-12-16
Are you a certified English, German, Italian and/or French teacher? Would you like to learn / improve your Spanish? Come study with us!!! .. We offer 80 hours of Spanish classes, materials, room and..
My Spanish for your English -- Teacher Maria -- 2014-11-12
Hi .. My name is Maria and I am an online Spanish teacher. I would like to improve my English, can we exchange, I would like a good teacher not just chat partner. .. Thanks!
My Spanish for your English -- Juan José -- 2014-10-21
I'm interested in exchange speaking English/Spanish. Seriously and regularly. We can use online (skipe, etc) Have a good day.
My Spanish for your English -- Diana -- 2014-10-07
Hello, I'm Diana from Mexico, and I'm looking for a partner who i can practise my English with, we can set up a schedule via email so we can both feel comfortable with our time zone. And of course,..
My Spanish for your English -- Adrian -- 2014-10-04
Hello .. Im Adrian & Im Mexican. Native Spanish Speaker. I need to practice my English because I will be studying my MBA next Year. .. It could be 30mins/30mins. .. Skype account: droooper ....
My Spanish for your English -- Cristina -- 2014-09-23
Hello I am Cristina, i would like to practice my english in exchange i can help you with your spanish that i had been teaching for a while. I don't mind write pals ( i really need to improve my..
My Spanish for your English -- paola -- 2014-09-14
Hello I can help you to learn Spanish. I am very interested to learn English.
My Spanish for your Dutch -- Danbaal -- 2014-09-10
Hello, I'm looking for a pen-pal to improve my Dutch and for language exchange. I'm fluent in Spanish, French, English and Arabic.
My Spanish for your English -- Alfonso -- 2014-08-28
I would like to improve my English so if you want to learn Spanish, we can exchange our native languages by skype or "face by face" if you live near Madrid... .. Just email me, Alfonso
My Spanish for your English -- Annie -- 2014-08-21
Hello, .. I am a non-native English teacher at a language academy. Last March I obtained the C2 level (highest level according to EU requirements). I simply would like to keep my level up to date. I..
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