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My French for your -- Redouane -- 2019-01-22
Hi every body I am a new user in this website I am very interesting to find an English partner to practice my speaking via Skype also I will be eager to help him to learn Arabic and french
My French for your English, spanish, italian, portugal -- Patson -- 2016-07-22
Dear, i want to swap langage with you.
My French for your Chinese, Japanese -- roland -- 2016-04-23
will like to exchange my french for chinese,Japanises and others you can call me via 00237671120181 Mr Roland
My French for your Japanese -- James -- 2015-01-08
Hello, I am a native French speaker and an experienced French teacher and I would like to learn Japanese. .. どうもありがとうございます
My French for your English -- Yann -- 2014-11-02
My French for your English
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