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School:Collège Martin Luther King <[email protected]>

Section Internationale Anglophone de Buc

Collège Martin Luther King (Buc)
Rue Colin Mamet
78 530 BUC
[email protected]
Tél : +33 (0) 1 39 56 47 48

The Section International Anglophone De Buc (SIAB) is a free bilingual school program based in Buc in the Yvelines department lying between Versailles and the Saclay Plateau. The program ranges from primary (CM1&CM2) to middle school Collège Martin Luther King (Buc) and runs through to the end of high school (Terminal) Lycée Franco-Allemand when students take the option internationale du baccalauréat (OIB).

The school caters to English French bilingual children of many different nationalities with a total of 150 students. There is also a wide range of extra curricular activities such an English drama club, student exchange and trips abroad.

Visit the PSAB – Parents de la Section Anglophone de Buc website - www.psab.fr

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