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United Kingdom - Folkestone
School:International School for Creative Learning <lee@creative-english.co.uk>

The school here in Folkestone, Kent, is unique in the way we incorporate art, music & even dance to promote the development of the English language (with the IELTS and similar courses a more traditional approach is taken). It has proven to be incredibly effective & yielded terrific results, the impact is clear from the feedback we receive from our students, their families and teachers when they arrive back home.

We also involve fully qualified sports coaches for our activity programmes to accommodate all skill levels and interests. Our students keep in touch with each other and the school through our Facebook group, please feel free to take a look around and join in the conversations. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=123632416968&ref=ts

I would be most grateful if you would take a moment to look at the editorial (below) which was recently published along with the “blog” written by an independent teacher who has joined us from one of the overseas schools. http://iscl-school.blogspot.com/


The International School for Creative Learning (ISCL) is a unique language school with a creative and extremely effective approach to learning English. They incorporate a variety of improvisation techniques including theatre, music and art to activate their students' learning. Local theatre companies including “Lights Up” and performing arts students from Folkestone University (UCF) directed by Casey Klassen have been working alongside the school. Together they have produced innovative and inspiring experiences not just for students but the local community.

Over the last two weeks ISCL in conjunction with local theatre companies created a series of awe-inspiring artistic events which related to various parts of local history, designed specifically for the ISCL students' orientation tour. Photographs and videos can be seen at www.creative-english.co.uk along with more information relating to the school.

Casey Klassen, along with other performing arts students has created a series of performances at various locations throughout Folkestone amongst which were the first Beauty Pageant and a local Survivor’s account of the tragedy of the Titanic. The students had to pay close attention as many of the questions in their task pack were related to the performances and encouraged them to interview the audience in order to complete their questions.

On Thursday evening The Lights Up Theatre Company produced a vibrant and explosive musical performance at the best kept secret of Folkestone, the seaside Amphitheatre. It was a surprise to the students, the host families and visitors to the park and was greeted with great applause.

Rikki Tarascas, the former performance director of the Eden project recently joined ISCL and has became an integral in developing the artistic content of ISCL courses. Under his direction the students have produced a show in the style of the west end sensation “Stomp” using everything from professional drums and bongos to broom handles, oil drums, dustbin lids, found metal objects.

Rikki has written and directed a number of spectacular performances for the Eden project and has been nationally recognised for his work in the film and performing art industry. For his direction of the Clayman the Guardian wrote “the bravest imaginative flight that I’ve seen for some time.”

The school has been a tremendous success this year and promises to be even more so for 2010.

The school is always keen to involve the local families in their programme and can be contacted by email at info@creative-english.co.uk. Further information is available through the website.

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