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Austria - Vienna
School:English For Children

The English For Children concept uses a ‘learn-play’ approach to teaching which introduces children to a foreign language in the same way that they are introduced to, and learn to use, their mother tongue.

Our essential philosophy is to give children a sense of trust in learning, and using, the English language. It is vitally important for children to become accustomed to the phonetic word sounds of a new language in these formative years, so that they gain confidence in using it both now and in the future.

A learn-play programme specifically designed for children 4-10 years.
Allows children to learn through play without pressure.
Focuses on ‘total immersion’ resulting in accent free English.
Uses ‘whole brain’ learning which encourages confidence and fluency in a foreign language.
Specifically tailored to children’s interests which raises the desire to learn.

Visual – using flashcards, overhead projections, film strips, actions and gestures.
Audial – through hearing the words from native speakers, course cassettes and songs.
Kinaesthetic – through active play, pantomime and games
A fun, active environment raises the children’s desire to learn!

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