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Texas ISD School Guide

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Austria - Vienna
School:Pro Active English <office@pae.co.at>

Custom-made small-group courses created specifically to meet the individual needs of the customer: Everything from front to back is designed to meet all the specific needs of individuals or companies. Starting with the date, time, place, and duration of the course. The content of the course is prepared following a very precise level evaluation including a personal interview with each individual participant and their management to determine their precise needs and to effectively meet them in the course.

 Our focus on English as the globally predominate language of business and our choice not to branch out into other languages allows us to provide a wider range of training and services within that sphere. These include a wide spectrum of seminars and courses within individual fields such as the financial, which produced our highly acclaimed Basel II seminar. A seminar that examines the regulations and expounds on the implications of the Basel II treaty and at the same time uses the text for enhancing advanced participants’ ability to communicate financial theory in English. We also have years of experience working with other very specialized fields such as the medical/pharmaceutical, legal, technical, as well as English for the clothing, food, and telecommunications industries.

This specialization also allows us to provide training in English for all main business skills including sales, negotiations, presentations, human resources, key account managing, marketing and of course telephoning and emailing all of which can be carried out in the form of a course or sharpened in one of our two-day intensive seminars.

Naturally, we also offer the standard range of conversational courses, or as often preferred, a mix of conversation and more specialized subject matter.

 In addition to the training we provide excellent customer service, which centers on providing holistic language solutions for them language needs of national and international companies. We will help you develop a language program that precisely meets the needs of your company, which includes goal setting and progress assessment. This includes an assortment of other services such as translation and editing as well as cultural events including English Theater, barbeques, and baseball.

 We maintain very competitive prices that do not go up for any of our specialized business skills training such as in presentations, negotiations, emailing, etc.

 We only work with small groups (max 5), which allow us to fully involve each participant and permit him or her to be actively involved the entire time.

 Our methodology is based on cutting edge research on the human brain and how it learns, develops, and acquires languages. Using this information, we have developed specialized techniques designed to enable the participant to begin and enhance thinking in English as well as building long-term knowledge and skills very quickly.

 All of this done in your company so that you can enjoy it within the run of the day.

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