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Has Anybody Been To Barcelona, Spain?  by:
7 Important Traveling Tips When Traveling in Russia  by: Benny Horowitz
Do you speak Russian? No? Then take into account the following traveling tips when traveling in Russia: Visa You will need a visa (tourist or business) to enter Russia. Embark on the formalities as..
Ten Beautiful Places in Portugal That You Must Visit  by: Jonathan Williams
Like any country in Europe, Portugal has its own rich culture and heritage as well as beautiful tourist spots to boast of. It is famous for its beautiful cities as well as scenic countryside. So, if..
Exploring Lisbon and Portugal on Your Next Vacation  by: Robert Carlton
By Robert Carlton Portugal has always been known as the land to the left of Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, caught among its traditional way of life - fishing and agriculture. But thanks to the..
Travel To Egypt: Miles Of Nile And Worlds Of Wonder  by: Frank Johnson
Egypt is consistently the top destination for world travel each and every year - and not surprisingly so. The country uniquely bridges the African and Asian continents across the Suez Canal by..
Play Golf in Bansko, Bulgaria (Train)  by: Mal Keenan
Bansko is a great destination for year round travel. You can ski and snowboard in the winter. The spring and summer are a great time to enjoy hiking, picnicking, and other warm weather outdoor..
Discover Tenerife - The Holidaymakers' Dream Island (Spain)  by: Islands In The Sun
Have you discovered Tenerife yet? Many UK holidaymakers describe Tenerife as their dream holiday island. So, what is it about this island which makes it so popular with the UK holidaymakers? The..
The Wonderful Castle Parador of Alarcon, Spain  by: Gary Bumpas
The Parador of Alarcon is located about 200 km. southeast of Madrid directly below Cuenca. Twelve hundred years ago, a prince of the Visigoths was out hunting and came upon a rugged and rocky hill..
Egypt - Timeless Visit  by: Gokhan Ozbal
It is certain that, Egypt is one of the most popular destinations world-wide. Visiting Egypt means combining history, culture and nature together. For many travelers, nowhere else gives such..
A Weekend in London UK  by: Michael Hanna
When you work nine to six all week and it takes you almost an hour to get to work then you tend to end up very tired and stressed by the time the weekend comes. Often the tendency is to do nothing..
Top 5 things to do in Lanzarote, Spain  by: Tim George
In 2009, Spanish tourism was badly hit by the recession and the adverse effects of the strong Euro, with numbers of tourist falling by 10% for the whole region. Lanzarote, one of the most popular of..
Playa De Sotavento, Spain  by: andrew clive
Fuerteventura The Canary Islands have magnificent beaches. Some of the most beautiful beaches are located on the island of Fuerteventura. This is a Spanish island and it is located in the Atlantic..
Ten Essential Things to Do in Greenland (Europe)  by: Jonathan Williams
If you are still undecided about making that trip to Greenland, do not let the harsh cold dissuade you from visiting because you will surely miss out on a lot of wonderful things unique only to..
Top Natural Attractions In Cape Town (South_Africa)  by: Lek Boonlert
Here are the top natural attractions in Cape Town: 1) Table Mountain – Although perhaps the most obvious choice, Table Mountain remains the number one attraction in the city and even though..
Top 7 Important Traveling Tips to East Europe  by: Benny Horowitz
1. Keep a journal! You will encounter so many places with such a historical significance, that it will be hard to remember all of them. Research before you go on the trip and find out the history of..
Calis Beach and Surrounding Areas - Turkey  by: Vicky Seale
Calis Beach is a small beach resort with stunning views (and spectacular sunsets) across the Bay to Sovalye Island and Fethiye. Along the seafront there is a pedestrian’s boulevard where there are..
Dubai Marina - The Heart Of UAE  by: Pinks J
Providing Dubai with an adequate amount of living and working space has always remained to be one of the prime concerns for its planners. But, with very little possibility being left out for growing..
Five of the Finest Menorca Beaches, Spain  by: Brenda Jaaback
Menorca is famed as one of the most relaxing holiday destinations in Europe. Less touristic than Mallorca or the Costas, it offers a traditional island culture, relaxed atmosphere and stunning..
The Do’s and Don’ts of Dubai  by: sam
Dubai, recognized as one of the top tourist spots in the Middle East, as well as the world, is definitely worth a visit. This exotic destination offers its guests a glimpse into some of the most..
Ten reasons to move to the Costa Brava, Spain  by: Christopher Longmore
By: Christopher Longmore After France, Spain is Europe's most popular holiday destination, and the apparent dominance of France is to a large extent due to visitors in transit elsewhere. In 1996..
Visit Amsterdam and Experience All It Has to Offer  by: Gaizka Pujana
However, today people are beginning to understand the city is far more than the red light districts and back street cafes. This amazing, vibrant city is home to some of the most beautiful..
Head for a Night Out in Dublin, Ireland  by:
If you're searching for the next big party city but are bound by the throes of the recession, there's a lot to be said for staying close to home when it comes to jetting off for a wild holiday. If..
Ireland Travel - Memories That Will Last Forever  by: Gerry MacPherson
A couple months ago I took my first real trip to Ireland. Years ago while on a cruise ship tour, we stopped at an Irish port for a day but I do not think that counts. This was a 2 week trip I took..
Spain: Survival Spanish for ESL Teachers (Languages)  by: Maria del Carmen Alle's Perez
1. Sientate (singular) / Sientense (plural), por favor – Sit down, please 2. Ven aqui (sing.) / Vengan aqui (pl.) – Come here 3. Despacio – Slowly 4. Basta ya! (sing.) / Dejarlo ya! (pl.) -..
Travelling To Spain - The Spanish Regional Travel Guide (Budget)  by: Rhiannon Williamson
By Rhiannon Williamson Up to 60 million visitors travel to Spain every year to delight in the country’s 315 sunny days and its rich and diverse history and culture. As a result the Spanish..
Travel to Italy by Car (Driving) - Writer:_Travel_Expert  by: Travel Expert
Renting a car in Italy is as easy as renting one at home, and the freedom that driving in Italy gives travelers doubles their enjoyment of the country. Italian highways are excellent and well marked,..
Great Sights in Spain  by: Andrew Tan
When traveling to Spain, be ready to gratify in a diversity of culture and traditions. With its many regions, each with its diverse authority and ways of doing things, travelers to Spain will be..
A Quick Tour Of Italy - Friuli-venezia Giuli  by: Levi Reiss
If you are looking for a European tourist destination, consider the Friuli-Venezia Giuli region of northeastern Italy, abbreviated as Fruili, bordering Austria and Slovenia. Depending on your..
About Mount Kilimanjaro  by: Joe Fletcher
Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on the continent of Africa and is well-known for this reason. Although you've heard the name you probably couldn't answer the question of what country it's..
Visit the magical Versailles Gardens in France - Writer:_Travel_Expert  by: Travel Expert
Paris, the world’s most romantic and lively city, highlights one of the most breathtaking gardens in Europe, Versailles Gardens. Majestic through their enigmatic organization of alleys and..
Understanding the Cost of Living in Israel  by: Alyssa Davis
If you're planning to visit or live in Israel, it's important to understand that it's not a particularly inexpensive place to live. In fact, many people who visit Israel are surprised to find that..
Beautiful Budapest - The Pearl of the Danube (Hungary)  by: Adam Singleton
As the capital city of Hungary, Budapest is fast emerging as one of the world’s most vibrant cities and in shrugging off its fractured past, has also become an important cultural centre. In its..
Writer Jessica Ackerman: Hiking Trips through Spain  by: Jessica Ackerman
Spain is full of beautiful scenery and pleasant hiking and biking trails. If you have a chance to visit or live there for an extended period of time, you should give them a try. You'll be able to..
Travel to Austria  by: Eija Rissanen
Austria is one of those countries where you never run out of things to do or see. With its rich history, musical heritage, world-class winter sports resorts and unbelievably beautiful landscape, you..
Have Fun and Enjoy the Best Attractions of Rome, Italy - Writer:_Travel_Expert  by: Travel Expert
Rome is one of Europe’s most romantic cities where couples would certainly benefit from a dreamlike honeymoon. So as to make your trip truly memorable, the city comes along with superb..
Venice in Brief (Italy)  by: Richard Greaves
Venice is definitely the most delightful place in Italy, founded in the 5th century it is spread over 118 islands connected by 400 bridges crossing some 160 canals. Locals and tourists frequent..
What Are Britain's Famous Tourist Attractions And Activities? (UK)  by: Farazila Abu
Buckingham Palace, London The official London residence for blue blood since 1837, Buckingham Palace is still home to the Queen and has fairly recently opened its doors to tourists. You’re..
Spain Travelling Popular Ideas  by: Guy Morris
Torrevieja happens to have some of the best weather that you could ever ask for in a vacation destination. You will find that it is sunny and warm all year long. You will also find that because of..
Madrid Spain - Take A Tour Of A City That Rocks  by: Linda Plummer
By Linda Plummer One thing is for sure, "Madrileños" certainly know how to enjoy life to the full, and you should too whilst in Madrid, for the capital of Spain is a charming city, rich in culture..
Spain - One of the Best Places to Live in the World For People Who Love Art and History  by: Stephanie Hofstetler
Imagine yourself basking in the sunny beaches of Spain recreating in your mind the time of the conquistadors and King Philip's armada sailing the vast ocean looking for lands to conquest in the name..