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Driving tips for Germany?  by:
A Tourists Guide to Munich Germany  by: Thomas Smith
Even though Munich is only the third largest city in Germany it still has a lot to offer residents and tourists alike. Over 1.3 million people live in Munich, and thousands of tourists travel through..
Finding Cheap Flights to Spain (Budget)  by: Peter H. Wilson
With the tremendous growth of tourism in recent years, there are quite a few options for cheap flights to Spain. There has been an increase in discount airlines to some of its local airports, with..
Munich Enjoys The Spirit Of Oktoberfest All Year Long (Germany)  by: Jeff R James
The most popular time of year to visit Munich is during the season of its Oktoberfest, but the Bavarian capital has much more to offer than just a couple of weeks of beer swilling in the autumn. Your..
Going To Live On The Costa Del Sol, Spain  by: Ruth Polak
By: Ruth Polak Thousands of people every year dream of going to live in Spain and a small percentage of them do it, what is the reason for the dream, and how does the reality live up to it? I came to..
Travel World's Top Tourist Destination, London UK: Best Of Britain  by: kathy green
There is nothing more enchanting than the lure of a fair weathered European holiday replete with lush green landscapes, plentiful history and action packed hikes and trails to walk. Amongst the..
Re: Travel to Ukraine  by: Bill Douglas
In five trips to Ukraine (4 to Kiev and 1 to Odessa), I've used the internet to make arrangements with three different apartment rental agencies. The people at provided the best..
Chocolates, Beer, Bikes & Barges - Adventures for Singles, Belgium & Netherlands  by: Suzy Davis
We arrived to cosmopolitan Brussels with 3 lost bags and 1 missing person. One suitcase went to Moscow but all caught up eventually. Janice and I led a perfect size group of 39, not too big to get..
How to Book Train Travel From Rome To Venice  by: Collaborator
Why spend your vacation worrying about travel? Traveling by train from Rome to Venice allows you to enjoy two of the most romantic cities in Italy, and the scenery in between. The trip will take four..
Visit the Less Touristy London (UK)  by: Mona Graham
If you have any plans on visiting London, and you should, as it is one of the best cities in the world to visit, try some of the less touristy areas and see parts of London where the locals go. The..
Ireland Travel - Memories That Will Last Forever  by: Gerry MacPherson
A couple months ago I took my first real trip to Ireland. Years ago while on a cruise ship tour, we stopped at an Irish port for a day but I do not think that counts. This was a 2 week trip I took..
Enjoy romantic activities in Cannes, France - Writer:_Travel_Expert  by: Travel Expert
Cannes, a city known for its flawless beaches, alluring cruises and exclusive boutiques is without a doubt one of France’s most romantic locations. In fact, it is a place of fantasy. It is a..
Some Information That You Must Know Before Travelling To Spain  by: Adal Bert
Spain is a most desirable location for spending holidays and it is because of breathtaking countryside, beautiful beaches and a vibrant culture. Being a part of European Union, Spain attracts..
Camping in Europe is a Matter of Style  by: Gareth Powell
By Gareth Powell In Europe, hotel charges bite far deeper into budgets than you would sometimes expect. In Britain there is the inexpensive alterative of bed and breakfast. This does not exist to..
Cappadocia, Turkey - Land Of Wonders  by: Stan Trof
By: Stan Trof Combined forces of mankind and nature have created three wonders of Cappadocia- its "fairy chimneys" (coneshaped pillars of tuff capped with basalt) in the unique valleys that look like..
Writer Jessica Ackerman: Traditional Foods to Enjoy in Romania  by: Jessica Ackerman
If you are going to visit Romania or live there for an extended period of time, you owe it to yourself to sample some of the delicious traditional cuisine. The country has a rich mixture of..
Finland: The Place for Discerning Travelers  by: Gagan Makin
This northern European country is a place where a crowd of discerning travelers invades the city every season. The country passes through four seasons and offers unparalleled environment to the..
Take a Trip to Tenerife, Spain  by: Andrew Regan
If you're looking for a holiday that consists of nothing but sun, sea and sand, then look no further than the sun drenched island of Tenerfie. With average temperatures lying between 20-22 degreess..
What are the best places to vacation in Portugal in July?  by:
France: Survival French for ESL Teachers  by: ESL Teachers Board
1. Assieds-toi (singular informal) / Asseyez-vous (plural or singular formal) - Sit down 2. Viens ici (singular informal) / Venez ici (plural or singular formal) - Come here 3. Ne fais pas cela, s'il..
Paris hotels: How to reduce your risk of being disappointed (France)  by: Phil Chavanne
Are the mentions "2 star" and "3 star" hotel on travel websites reliable? Should you rely on the French rating system? Written by the Senior Editor of a renown Paris guide, this article clears up the..
Must See Places When You Travel Europe!  by: Mukul Kr Sharma
If you want a taste of diversity and history then there can be nothing better than to travel Europe. Given Europe's vast geography, it is very difficult to travel to all the places worth visiting..
How to Find Cheap Hotels in Cote d'Azur France  by: Collaborator
The beautiful blue coast of France is notorious as a hub of the rich and famous. Finding cheap accommodations in the Cote d'Azur of France means that you can enjoy the luxe life even on a budget...
How to Travel by Train in Austria  by: Vanessa Padgalskas
Austria is located in central Europe and borders Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany, and Switzerland. The best way to travel in Austria and the rest of Europe is to purchase a train pass. The trains..
Take cash or travellers cheques to Spain?  by:
Gift Giving Etiquette in Saudi Arabia  by: Neil Payne
•Gifts should only be given to the most intimate of friends. •Gifts should be of the highest quality. •Never buy gold or silk as a present for men. •Silver is acceptable. •Always..
Balearic Isles, Spain  by: andrew clive
Balearic Isles are an archipelago in the western warm, deep and blue Mediterranean Sea The archipelago includes four large and eleven smaller islands. The larger islands consist of Majorca, Minorca,..
3 Best Autumn Destinations in Europe  by: Mark T James
Europe can be an extraordinarily beautiful place. Where you go may be a matter of personal taste or sentiment, but there are some stunning sights during Autumn in Europe. It's like having your own..
Day Trips in Barcelona, Spain  by: Clinton Maxwell
As most Europeans know, Barcelona, Spain is soaked in history that has been beautifully preserved. In addition, there are many twentieth century wonders to enjoy. For many, in the four regions of..
Planning Your Ski Trip To The French Alps (France)  by:
The French Alps are sometimes considered to be the ultimate destination for hardcore skiers. It’s a huge industry in the region – there are many French ski resorts that you can choose from if you..
Wat is there to do in Bahrain in Summer?? (Middle_East)  by:
Driving in France - Training for Le Mans?  by: Michael Russell
France, one of the largest countries in Europe, has a very good system of roads. However, in France, all the "A" roads, that is the autoroutes, are péage (toll roads). Toll roads are indicated by..
Factors To Consider Before Buying Property In Spain  by: Martin McAllister
Buying property in another country can be an enormous step to take - particularly if you have no links to that particular region. However, an increasing number of Britons are flocking to buy property..
Cappadocia, Turkey  by: Dr D L Boone
Brilliant - A potted history, excellent, practical advice and some travel tips on how to get there. Any suggestions on where to stay - I'm looking for a good hotel - best available close to the..
Re: Dubai Underwater Hotel  by: Brie Sangster
Hello: My name is Brie Sangster. I am a English speaking native born American. I've had an interest of living abroad for the last ten years. I love to travel & experience different cultures. I would..
Italian Vacations (Italy, Train)  by: Vasilisa Krolikova
One summer my friend and I decided to go to Italy during the summer holidays. Having read information about the tours we decided to do without travel agencies. We didn't want to stick to strict..
Living It Up In Lebanon (Middle_East)  by: Shll Disuja
Believe you me, it pays to be at the crossroads, and when it happens to be three distinct and equally enriching cultures, a unique travel experience is guaranteed. Cheap flights to Lebanon are..
Beautiful Madrid, Spain  by: Hannah Rollmaker
Madrid is a place with a lot of natural beauty, rich in history, and has a beautiful environment it is also the capital city of Spain. Madrid is considered as the largest city of Spain, according to..
Classic Paris: Book-hunting along the Banks of the River Seine (France)  by: Phil Chavanne
Walking through Paris in search of new tips and hot-spots for readers of, I realized I’d neglected one its most classic locations, despite the fact that I often take..
Amsterdam Night Life (Netherlands)  by: Sudhanshu Kumar Kapoor
No city in world can beat Amsterdam for its nightlife. Amsterdam is known to be the party capital of Europe. When Sun goes down the city turns up into a paradise with busy streets, busy cafes and..