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Romania - a Gem in Eastern Europe  by: Adrienne Boxhall
The Black Sea and Brasov ski resorts are the usual destinations for the visitors to Romania, and whilst they offer a wide choice of entertainment, these are the usual type of facility, which can be..
Re: Seeing the Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt in Cairo  by: Dechet Miller
Hello, My name is Dechet Miler and I am a bilingual/bicultural education major at Western Illinois University. Last year I got the opportunity to study abroad in Spain and I loved the experience...
Danube in Linz, Austria  by: rwinchina
How to Visit the Louvre Museum  by: Collaborator
The Louvre museum is perhaps the most famous art museum in the world. The sprawling palace holds scores of corridors with walls and walls of priceless art and sculpture. Visiting the museum can be..
About Spain - Fiesta and Siesta  by: Hans Bool
When asked, the president of Spain mentioned the word "Generosity" a the most beautiful word. His opponent Rajoy brought "Word" (palabra) itself as being the finest amongst the Spanish (Castilian)..
Truly Travel Spain: Essential Destinations  by: Frank Johnson
There is no superior starting place for your travel to Spain than the grand and enchanting streets of Barcelona. There is never a dull moment in this city that literally never sleeps, especially in..
Carrying Money Around Europe  by: Michael Russell
The main options for many travelers when carrying many around Europe are credit cards, debit cards, cash and travelers' checks. Most experienced travelers always carry a combination of these...
All About Antalya City Turkey   by: Robert Bell
The city of the stretchings of Antalya along the bay that bears name, and it is built to the altitude of 39 meters on a rocky coastal line. Immediately one are stricken from the mountains Individual..
Traditional Irish Pubs Dublin, Ireland  by: Siobhan Griffin
While a trip to Dublin will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to pubs, finding a traditional Irish pub in Dublin’s city centre is a bit more difficult. One of the most commonly asked..
Mediterranean Cruise Tours for Art Teachers  by: Emma Robinson
Many cruises have some kind of theme, from gastronomy to golf. Travelers are entertained by on-board activities or lectures by special guests and the topic dictates which ports the ship calls at on..
Golden Ring Of Russia -travel Guide, Part 2  by:
By: Sergiev Posad (founded in 1345, population 115,000) - the spiritual center of Russia, residence of the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, where the remains of the first..
Schools in Spain - Educating Your Children in a Foreign Country  by: Karen Milacic
By Karen Milacic Schools and Education on the Costa Blanca As in any other country, there are two types of school/college for your children - public (in Spain this refers to state run schools), or..
Italy, In 7 Days (Train)  by: GIUSEPPE
With internet you can research tons of useful information, which will probably match and satisfy your needs. Some how, I believe is good to remark what you want to see and how you will get to your..
Teaching English in Oman (Work)  by: Clement
Visiting countries as a teacher expands your personality as well as your grasp of the subject. It offers you an opportunity to meet new people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds. I..
Playa De Sotavento, Spain  by: andrew clive
Fuerteventura The Canary Islands have magnificent beaches. Some of the most beautiful beaches are located on the island of Fuerteventura. This is a Spanish island and it is located in the Atlantic..
A Budapest Stag Do with an Eastern European Flavour (Hungary)  by: Shane Williss
Fancy a stag do with exciting daytime activities and exotic night time adventures that do not burn a hole in your pocket? Yes! This place exists and it goes by the name of Budapest. For a mere 80p,..
Paris - World Top Destination For All Tastes And Budgets (France)  by: Laurent Fabier
Paris wears its mark as the world’s most romantic city with nonchalance, stimulating the senses, demanding to be seen, heard, touched, tasted and smelt. More densely populated than Manhattan, with..
Sunny Outlook For Spain's Sunshine Coast  by: Richard Fletcher
This year's World Travel Market at London's Excel Exhibition Centre in November not only drew record crowds, but one of the most popular stands was that of the Andalucia Tourist Board. The four day..
Spanish Fiestas and Festivals: Join the Non-stop Celebration (Spain)  by: Ofer Shoshani
By Ofer Shoshani Colorful Spanish fiestas and festivals are as unique and diverse as the nation and her peoples. While most of the Spanish fiestas and festivals are celebrated nationally, there are..
Re: Vlad Dracula - info on country location (Romania)  by: Stazzie
Vlad Tepes Dracul/Vlad the impaler is not from Germany but from Romania! His best known castles lie in Transylvania, and in Wallachia, Romania. In 1436 Vlad Dracul took the throne of Wallachia...
A Visitors Guide To Stockholm Sweden  by: Thomas Smith
Stockholm is a city that truly knows how to support its people. The largest of Sweden's 290 self-governing political units, Stockholm provides government-funded schools (through the college level),..
A Quick Tour Of Italy - Friuli-venezia Giuli  by: Levi Reiss
If you are looking for a European tourist destination, consider the Friuli-Venezia Giuli region of northeastern Italy, abbreviated as Fruili, bordering Austria and Slovenia. Depending on your..
How long do you have to have left on your passport to go on holiday to Portugal?  by:
Places Of Interest In Spain - puerto De Mogan  by: Carl Ton
Position and climate Puerto de Mogan is situated on the southwest coast of the island of Gran Canaria. This picturesque fishing village is said to have the best climate in the world. In the winter,..
Zaragoza, Spain  by: Albert Doug
Overview The city of Zaragoza – known in English as Saragossa is the capital of the province Zaragoza and also of the Aragon autonomous community in Spain. This is located on Ebro River and..
A Guide for your Tenerife Holiday (Spain)  by: Harry Lawrance
Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands off the north-west coast of Africa and attracts roughly 3.5 million tourists every year. The island is serviced by two airports, Los Rodeos in the..
Ten Exciting Things To Do When Visiting Iceland (Europe)  by: Jonathan Williams
Should you happen to contemplate vacationing in Europe, you could give Iceland a try where nature that means more than beaches and resorts. Best of all, majority of the tourist spots the country can..
Visitors to Hungary Have Nothing to Fear and Lots to Look Forward to  by: Josey Walker
What they say about London buses is certainly true about headlines about Hungary. It is not often that Budapest is in the news, but, in 2006, two major international stories come along at once...
How to Travel Economically when visiting Rome Italy  by: Sarah Dray
Rome has become one of the most expensive cities in the world for tourists. Aside from the hotels and the sights (almost all, including the churches, charge an entrance fee), you will also need to..
Romania - Must See Locations  by: Yukorn Chanmanee
The most favourite locations in Romania are the following: -­ Castles and palaces - In Romania we can find very preserved castles and palaces from the Medieval times. The historically significant..
Cheap Tours for Jordan & Egypt  by: Claire Moorman
If you've always wanted to catch a glimpse of ancient wonders or puzzled over the Bible's famous burning bush or Mount Sinai, then a tour of Egypt or Jordan may be the perfect vacation for you. There..
A Quick Guide to Winter Stag Activities in Eastern Europe  by: Josey Walker
Under a blanket of snow, the people huddle together for warmth and strangers are welcomed whole-heartedly. It is a perfect time of year to gather by the evening fire in a cellar bar or tavern and..
Cologne Germany -- 18 Insider Tips -- Part 2 of 2  by: Marcus Hochstadt
By Marcus Hochstadt Cologne Germany has a lot to offer, and in this second part I give you the remaining 10 insider tips you surely already were looking for... Old town of Cologne Germany is the..
What is the best Eastern European country to travel around? (Europe)  by:
Albania - kicking it back in the Mediterranean  by: Ryan Fyfe
If your looking for an exotic place to take your next winter or summer vacation Albania might just be the place to kick back and relax. Albania is a Mediterranean country in south east Europe...
German Food? (Germany)  by: BK
I have just recovered from a long fit of laughter upon reading about how good you think German food is. Having lived in the country for some time I can attest that I don't miss much in terms of..
The Hidden Tourist Attractions Of Rome (Italy)  by: Steven Cronin
Countless words have illustrated the Colosseum, and its fearless gladiators; the Pantheon, and its gateway to the gods; and the Roman Forum, once heart of the mighty Roman Empire. But what of the..
Jobs for English/French speaking women in Morocco? (Work)  by:
A Guide to the Museums and Galleries of Venice, Italy  by: Orson Johnson
Venice has a lot to offer when it comes to its history and culture. Many of it, fortunately, can be found just by walking the streets of Venice. However, some priceless treasures of art can only be..
A Quick Travel Guide To Rome, Italy  by: Ken Snow
Rome is an enchanting place that has been attracting tourists for its rich cultural heritage and brilliant historic monuments. In the ratings of Condé Nast Traveler’s 2004 Reader’s Choice..