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Exploring Split, Croatia - Useful Tips for Tourists
By:Ivan Horvat <ivan.horvat1106@gmail.com>

The medieval Split is Dalmatia’s largest city. It is a popular tourist destination because many parts have not been conserved or renovated and its classified as a UNESCO world heritage site. As you wander through its narrow streets, you can feel the history surrounding you. If you are looking for only one city to visit in Europe, then Split is strongly recommended.

Useful tips and info for tourists visiting Split:

Getting There

Traveling from other parts of the world to Split may look easy. However, tourists have several obstacles they have to overcome. If you are on a short vacation or dislike traveling for over ten hours to reach Split, flying is the best option that you have. In fact, in some cases, flights are much cheaper than buses or a ferry. After arriving at airport transfer Split and completing all the formalities, take a fifteen-minute taxi ride to get to the city center.

Moving Around

Split boasts of narrow streets that make getting around a challenge. So the best way to move around is walking. However, if you intend to travel from the eastern side of Split to the western side then hiring a car is the best way to get around. Besides, you can use buses if you dislike hiring cars or taxis.

Must Visit Places

The Diocletian’s Palace is a massive structure that resembles a Roman military fortress with walls twenty meters high and two hundred meters long. Its walls enclose an area of thirty-eight thousand square meters and without any doubt the best preserved Ronan architecture masterpiece. It is a must-see attraction for tourists visiting the medieval city.

Another place travelers to Split must visit is the Cathedral of St. Domnius and its bell tower. It was constructed at the beginning of the seventh century and is regarded at the oldest Catholic cathedral in existence. Its bell tower dates back to the twelfth century.
Things To Do


Sailing is a very popular activity in Split. Many tourists who visit Split like to hire a boat from a croatia charter and visit nearby islands like Hvar, Brac, and Vis. Sailing will make you appreciate Split’s beauty even more.


Apart from sailing, most tourists that frequent Split enjoys kayaking. Most Kayaking tours start from the western side of the port and proceed towards the south. When kayaking, visitors get to visit some famous attractions along the Adriatic coast like the maritime research institute to mention a few. Kayaking will give you a memorable experience as it provides you with the opportunity to explore Split in a different way.

Food and Wine

If you are tired of sightseeing in Split, many newly opened restaurants have mushroomed due to the increase in the number of tourists that choose Split as their destination. They have superb dishes and great wine selection. Besides, the staffs working in the restaurants are relaxed and very professional. Being a seaside city, seafood tops the menu. Other delicacies in Split include grilled meat and much more. Without a doubt, Split is an interesting place to eat out and wine.

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