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Exploring the Best of Istria, Croatia
By:Ivan Horvat <ivan.horvat1106@gmail.com>

Istria, being the heart-shaped and an Italian-flavored peninsula of the western Croatia has its own unique & impeccable scenic beauty. Additionally, this place combines the best of two different worlds - the inland hilltop towns which are widely known for their foods & wine and the sumptuous life on the waters of the Adriatic sea. So, if you want to explore the best of Istria, here're the top 5 tourist destinations for you.

The Top 5 Tourist Destinations Of Istria, Croatia

Euphrasian Basilica - The Cathedral complex of this place has been the most popular tourist destination of Istria, Croatia. It is the center of faith and spirituality in Poreč & its surrounding area for several centuries. Its completely unique early Christian & Byzantine architecture is a classical example of an exquisite world-class artistic composition. This is a sacred complex of the city which has remained almost intact since the ancient time of Justinian. Moreover, this insanely great architecture has been proudly included on the famous UNESCO World Heritage List. It majorly attracts the tourists from across the globe with its biblical scenes & religious paintings, archangels, ancient stone sculptures, glittering wall mosaics, and Istrian martyrs etc.

Roman Amphitheatre - This is an exceptionally well-preserved Amphitheatre which is the sixth-largest in the entire world. Currently, this place holds the Pula Film Festival as well as the major concerts & operas. It has an estimated seating capacity of approximately 20,000 spectators. Undoubtedly, Roman Amphitheatre is one of the most famous & imposing places to visit in Istria, Croatia. You can also check out a weekly evening summer event organized in this Amphitheatre, Spectacvla Antiqva, that recreates the gladiator fights, the workshops starring ancient Roman clothing & hairstyles along with the tasting of Roman foods and drinks.

Truffle Hunting - Truffle Hunting can be another fantastic fun for any tourists of Istria. Istria, being the home of the second largest white truffle, offers an exciting and impressive culinary experience to its curious visitors. To experience this unique truffle hunting & truffle delicacies, you can contact the Karlic family, who're the well-known pioneers of truffle hunting in Istria. You'll surely embark an adventure of a lifetime with this journey.

Batana House - The Batana House is an internationally award-winning ecomuseum, that is designed in a modern, fun yet active way which definitely revives the rich fishing tradition of Rovinj. Also, this place protects the tangible & intangible cultural heritage. Even, it also preserves and displays the habitats of those people who lived in Rovinj for centuries with the sea and its vast resources facilitating a complete peace and harmony. Here, a particular emphasis is given to the traditional & legacy Rovinj fishing boat, teh batana. This is also a great place to start sailing Croatia and explore other hidden gems Istria has to offer. This entire project or the eco-museum House of the Batana is one of the most important places to visit in Istria. This Eco-museum has been nominated for UNESCO too.

Pazin Chasm - The unpretentious Pazin is named as the "heart of Istria" for its geographic location and superior administrative importance. The administrative capital of Istria, Pazin retains a small-town, laid-back yet pleasant atmosphere. The central attraction of Pazin is the important national landmark, "Pazin Chasm" which is a gigantic natural pit having sheer rocks mysteriously spread over the Pazincica river around 130m below. This famous place is one of the most well-preserved ancient forts in Istria. It features a fascinating example of karst evolution with its picturesque landscapes, exceptional beauty, & some unique natural features.

The place was made insanely popular by the famous writer, Jules Verne who set the plot of one of his stories portraying an apparently bottomless cave from here.

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