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Discover Belgrade: Short Guide For Tourists
By:Goky Brkic

Discover Belgrade: Short Guide For Tourists

Belgrade, meaning "white city", is the capital city of the Republic of Serbia. It's located at the confluence of Danube and Sava Rivers, and where the Balkans meets the Pannonian Plains. It's also Serbia's largest city with a population of nearly 1.7 million people. The history of the city dates back to the 4th century B.C during which time it changed hands between different colonialists. In the year 1878, Serbia became independent with Belgrade as its new capital.

How to reach it

You can get to Belgrade via the Nikola Tesla Airport that is located 18 km west of the city centre. It's also the home airport of Air Serbia that flies to over forty destinations around the world. Other major international airlines that fly to this destination include Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Alitalia, Lufthansa, Swiss and Norwegian Air, and Austrian Airlines. Another way to reach Belgrade is by train using the Serbian Railways which operates several trains within Serbia as well as internationally. Other means are by bus, with the final stop at the central bus station, by car, by passenger ships via the Danube River and even by bicycle. Belgrade is situated along the European bicycle route that connects the Black Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Available accommodation for tourists

There are several hostels where tourists can stay and at very affordable prices. The Youth Hostel Association of Serbia has lots of hostels within its network and one can easily book for accommodation through it. Other hostels include the 360 hostel, Black sheep hostel and Sky 10 hostel among others. There are also budget hotels like Belgrade city hotel and Park hotel which charge about $50 per night. Besides these, mid-range hotels, splurge hotels and apartments are also available for accommodation. You can also ask the local experts at Basco, they could help you out with your search for the adequate place to stay at.


Belgrade has many landmarks that make the city an ideal destination for tourists. Some of these include Nikola Tesla Museum which is dedicated to displaying and honoring the work and life of Nikola Tesla, Church of Saint Sava, one the biggest orthodox churches in the world and the National Assembly building, the seat of Serbia's national assembly that displays great architecture. There are also several museums like the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of African Art.


Serbian food is a conventional Balkan mix of Middle East and Central European dishes. The Serbs love their food which is typically full of grilled sausages and meat, bread and local cheeses. International cuisine such as Chinese food and Turkish delicacies are also commonly found in the city restaurants. You can as well get to enjoy coffee since the coffee culture in Belgrade is very much developed. Wine, brandy and Serb beer are also available in accordance with the tastes and preferences of the patrons.


Belgrade has a very colorful nightlife with several clubs and theaters providing great entertainment. Most of the clubs like Plastic, Lasta and Blaywatch operate throughout the night. The Belgrade Zoo shelters many species of wild animals and is a great place to see the elusive tiger. If you visit at the right time of the year, you just might catch great festivals like the Belgrade beer festival that takes place annually at the beginning of August. Outdoor sports activities like golf and motorcycle racing are some of the fun activities available in this city.

Belgrade has so much to offer and is a wonderful tourist destination for those who'd like to travel and visit South-Eastern Europe. Ensure that you get all your booking done early enough to avoid last minute travel inconveniences.

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