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Exploring Sibenik – The City of History and Culture
By:Ivan Horvat <ivan.horvat1106@gmail.com>


As the seat of the most famous Croatian King Petar Kresimir IV Sibenik is the oldest coast town that was founded by Croatians around the 9th century, unlike other towns that were founded mostly by Greeks and Romans. Sibenik is located in Central Dalmatia at the mouth of river Krka and is protected by a natural bay that contributes to the town’s beauty.

About Sibenik

Like many Croatian towns located at the Adriatic Sea, Sibenik has an ancient atmosphere around it that makes many tourists fall in love, even to the point where they start exploring properties to make it a permanent vacation destination. Apart from historical buildings and cultural events, the fortified town of the Adriatic Coast amazes tourists with nature as well. Mountains and limestone rocks in the hinterland protect the town from land, more than 300 islands, islets, reefs near the coast and cliffs give a peaceful charm to it and vineyards with the best quality vines enrich the romantic Mediterranean atmosphere.


Sibenik was first mentioned in 1066 in the charter of King Petar Kresimir IV and because of that historical fact it goes today by a second name, Kresimir’s city. Because of its unique location and properties, the city has a quite dynamic history. Venice attacked the city from the 12th to the 15th century but without success. Sibenik was later sold to Venice and was also under Italian rule for a few years in the 20th century. The famous strategic, cultural and political humanistic and Renaissance center is the birthplace of extremely valuable 16th century figures in Croatian literature and art. Perhaps the most famous one is Faust Vrancic who was a well know scientist, writer, philosopher, visionary and bishop. He is most famous for creating the first Croatian dictionary and the Macchinae Novae or book of inventions. As in art, Vrancic is credited for the first known drawing of a man riding a parachute, also known as homo volans or the flying man. Walking through the same streets as the most famous Croatian King and Vrancic, the Croatian Leonardo da Vinci, will surely take you back to its founding days and make you relive a part of history itself.


Like history, cultural properties of Sibenik are well known and acknowledged in Croatia as well as in Europe. If you talk about Sibenik, you can’t leave out the huge impact of religion on the town. St James cathedral is the most compelling architecture creation of the 15th and 16th century in Croatia that was built in a rare combination of Gothic and Renaissance style. The construction was made of white stone blocks without any supporting part or connecting material so it’s no wonder that the St James cathedral was enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2000. This fascinating building will surely put you in awe with its frieze of 71 human heads that contribute to the cathedrals exterior, and mosaics and sculptures that illuminate the interior. The property of St James Cathedral stretches itself to a small town square that is always full of tourists, locals and seasonal events.

Local cuisine

Apart from historical buildings and figures, Sibenik will make you fall in love with its cuisine that is typical Dalmatian that is represented by aromatic plants, olives and a lot of vine. You’ll be able to try many awarded authentic gastronomic delicacies like sheep cheese and other regional foodstuff that you can also find in Sibenik , like the awarded smoked ham od Drniš.

If you love delicious food, historical monuments and stories mixed with a lot of Dalmatian culture, you should definitely visit Sibenik on your next summer vacation. Sibenik will make you want to make it your second home so don’t be surprised when you start exploring properties so you can live a delicious and peaceful life in Dalmatia.

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