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England: Travel Tips and Sights Not to Miss

If you've never traveled to England, it's a trip you should make at least once in your life. Whether you're simply interested in a short vacation trip or you're considering an extended stay, you'll find an almost unending list of things to see and do. Here are a few travel tips to help you plan for your trip to England, as well as a short list of the sights you definitely should not miss seeing.

Planning Your Trip

Just as is the case with any trip, it can be extremely helpful to do your planning in advance if you're considering a visit to England. The Internet and travel guides can be a great source of information while you're in the trip planning stage. In fact, you might even want to plan your entire trip itinerary prior to making the trip. However, if you do, be prepared to make some changes along the way. Once you've arrived in England, you're sure to find even more things you want to see and do than what you've enter on your list.

A travel guide can be a handy thing to keep with you at all times. Although online travel sites are certainly helpful, nothing seems to beat the benefits of having a handy little book that you can refer to anywhere. When planning your trip, it's important to take your personal preferences and interests into account. Although you'll find plenty of lists of "must-see" attractions, you simply won't be able to see everything during your visit. By focusing on the things that you enjoy most instead of relying solely on "must-see" lists, you'll have a much better time.

Planning Timeline

For the most part, you'll want to get started on your planning tasks at least six months in advance. Obtain a passport, or get your existing passport renewed if necessary. At this point, you should also procure a good travel guide and start perusing the travel sites. Approximately four months before your planned trip, you should get your lodging reservations made. Your airline tickets and rental car reservations can be made about three months before your scheduled trip.

Planning Your Budget

As with any trip, your travel budget will largely depend on your personal preferences and spending habits. Minimally, you'll want to calculate the cost of your airfare, car rental fees, and your lodging costs. You'll also need to consider the cost of your meals and gasoline. Finally, do your best to calculate the amount of money you'll need to visit any attractions or events on your "must-do" list, and give yourself a shopping allowance. If you want to save money, avoid staying in London hotels, which can be quite expensive.

Sites to See

As stated previously, your "must-see" list should include your personal favorites. However, when traveling to the southeastern area of England, it can be well worth it to visit the historical area of Canterbury. When traveling to the southwest, take the time to visit Stonehenge. If you're a fan of King Arthur, Glastonbury should not be missed. The hills, valleys and small villages of the midlands are quite beautiful, and of course you shouldn't miss the opportunity to visit London. But primarily, you should visit all the places you've always read about and have always longed to visit.

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