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Getting Around in France

A trip to France can be a wonderful experience, regardless of whether you're planning just a short trip or a more extended stay. When traveling, it's a good idea to do a bit of research in advance in regards to the country's transportation system. By doing this research up front, you'll have a much better idea as to whether you want to rent a vehicle upon your arrival, or simply depend upon the country's public transportation systems. If you're planning to travel to France in the not-too-distant future, here are some travel tips to keep in mind that will help you get around in this wonderful country.

Do You Need Your Own Vehicle?

If you're going to be on a strict schedule or you wish to travel a bit off the beaten path, having your own vehicle available is a good idea when visiting France. At first glance, you might think that the public transportation systems of France will be adequate for your needs. However, it's important to remember that public transportation is at its best in the cities and well-traveled rural areas. Although there is public transportation available in rural areas, the service is often a bit inconveniently timed and even occasionally sporadic. By renting your own vehicle, it will be far easier to travel according to your own timetable and desires.

Public Transportation Options

That said, there are also a lot of good points to consider in regards to the public transportation options that are available in France. The country actually has one of the largest train networks in all of Western Europe. As such, traveling by rail throughout France can be a very attractive option. You'll find that the main towns are conveniently connected by rail, allowing you travel on efficient, modern, fast trains.

In rural areas, you'll find mostly buses as far as public transportation is concerned. Although these buses are certainly a viable and dependable mode of transportation, you may find that the service is a bit sporadic. Buses are also not a good option if you want to travel to those out-of-the-way rural locations where the buses simply do not go.

Traveling by Water

If you're planning a trip to France, you'll definitely want to check out the available river and canal trips. Traveling by boat can be a very interesting and relaxing way to explore the country. France has an extensive network of canals and rivers, making boat travel a viable option. Although you certainly won't be able to travel everywhere in France by boat, it can definitely be an interesting addition to your transportation itinerary.

Take the time to explore the available river and canal trips in advance. By doing so, you'll be able to get the best price and find the travel package that best fits your needs. You'll find a wide array of options in regards to boat size and comfort amenities, so make sure to research the matter carefully. Prices also vary according to the season, so the timing of your planned visit to France will also factor into the cost of traveling by boat.

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