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St. Helena Island Cruises
By:Stella Oakley

St. Helena is a small, inhabited tropical island in the south Atlantic Ocean. The island is 47 square miles with no official airport. Its consistent warm weather makes it a popular cruise destination. Many cruises run from Cape Town, South Africa or Portland, Australia to St. Helena throughout the entire year.

Royal Mail Ship St. Helena
Royal Mail Ship (RMS) St. Helena provides multi-destination cruises from Cape Town or Portland to St. Helena, Tenerife, and Ascension Island. Cruises of various lengths set sail throughout the year. Most are approximately 20 days with multiple stops, but there is a shorter, more economical option of a 13-day cruise to only St. Helena. Fares appear on the website and bookings can be made a year in advance.

Royal Mail Ship St. Helena

St Helena Line Limited

Managing Agents

Andrew Weir Shipping Ltd

Dexter House

2 Royal Mint Court

London EC3N 4XX



P&O Cruises
P&O Cruises is a British-owned line that offers worldwide cruises. Visiting St. Helena on a P&O ship requires booking a multi-destination vacation. Upon arriving in St. Helena, two featured shore excursions are options. Both are scenic island tours with an emphasis on the history of Jamestown. The island holds The Emperor Napoleon's last house, and is always a stop on the shore excursions. P&O cruises can be booked up to two years in advance on the website.

P&O Cruises

Carnival House

100 Harbour Parade

Southampton SO15 1ST



Brisbane Cruises
Brisbane Cruises has the fastest direct service to St. Helena. Brisbane Cruises organizes school field trips to explore the former penal colony. At night, guests can participate in a night-time comedic ghost tour where they are threatened with the punishment of chains and incarceration. Bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings and receptions are available on the boats or on the island. Brisbane Cruises is a smaller line, so public voyages are planned four to five months in advance. Private voyages are possible for special events.

Brisbane Cruises



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