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How to Travel Economically when visiting Rome Italy
By:Sarah Dray

Rome has become one of the most expensive cities in the world for tourists. Aside from the hotels and the sights (almost all, including the churches, charge an entrance fee), you will also need to spend a considerable amount of money moving around. Fortunately, Rome has an extensive public transportation system that includes subway lines, buses and tramways. Learning to use them may take some practice, but the rewards are numerous.

Start from home. Book your flight with an online discount company such as CheapFlight. If you book online, you will be able to compare prices among different companies and choose the most suited to your budget. Picking a flight during inconvenient hours, such as one arriving in Rome at midnight, will certainly save you some money, too.

Decide where you will stay. This will impact your transportation budget considerably. If you are staying in the center of the city, near the sights, you will have easy access to the main locations, many of which you will be able to get to on foot. If, however, you are staying near Termini Bus Station (a popular area for those looking for budget hotels or youth hostels), you will need a more effective plan of action, as this area is relatively far from the city center. Buses 40 Express or Number 64 run directly from Termini to the city center.

Use the bus system to move around the center. Traffic is usually not that bad, and riding the bus will allow you to see the real city, rather than confining yourself to only the most popular streets.

Get a metrebus ticket for both the subway and the bus system. Tickets come in a variety of prices, depending on whether you want a standard ticket or a daily or weekly pass. If you are staying in Rome for several days, the one-week ticket makes the more sense, as it costs just slightly more than the 3-day pass and gives you unlimited access for 7 days.

Take a taxi only in extreme situations, such as if you are stranded at night or if you need to reach some place far away and don’t have time to deal with the directions. Keep in mind, though, that while regular bus and subway lines stop working at midnight, there are a series of night buses to help you move around the main areas of the city. Official taxis are either white or yellow.

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