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Bset Ways to Travel Within Italy
By:S. Herlihy

Italy is a fairly compact country. Within one day, it is possible to travel from the city of Milan in the north to the region of Apulia at the very tip of the country. The country's relatively small size makes travel within the area fairly easy even for the casual visitor or tourist. There are many form of transportation you may wish to use, which may depend on the area you are traveling to as well as your budget.

Italy is well served by a network of trains. Trains travel to and from just about all major Italian cities such as Rome, Milan and Florence. Venice cannot accommodate have cars. But it does have a train station with connections to the rest of the country. Train travel is an ideal way to travel within Italian cities. High-speed trains travel quickly and often frequently especially between popular destinations such as Rome and Venice. Train fares between major destinations are generally under $100. Train fare can be purchased in advance online, in advance from the rail station or on the day of the trip. Most trains have comfortable seating comparable with similar American long-distance train networks such as Amtrak.

Car Travel
A car is a useful way to travel to Italian destinations that may not be accessible by train. Many small Tuscan towns such as Lucca are not well served by trains. Certain other attractions such as vineyards may also not be accessible by train or entail a far walk. A car is an ideal tool in this case. A car can allow you to set your own agenda and decide exactly where you want to go, regardless of train schedules. Cars are often far more expensive than train travel. Cars can also be difficult to park in larger Italian cities such as Rome. Under such circumstances, it may be more advisable to rely on other methods of transportation.

Buses can be an excellent way to travel within large Italian cities. Rome has an extensive network of buses that travel to nearly all corners of the city. Milan and Florence also have good bus networks. Travel by bus is also perfect in the Amalfi Coast region where narrow streets between towns and hairpin turns can be difficult to navigate. A bus can enable you to see the sights while leaving the driving to others with more experience. Buses are typically inexpensive. Very often, day or weekly passes can be purchased allowing for multiple rides with a lower cost.

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