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How to Book Train Travel From Italy to Switzerland

You promised yourself you'd really see Europe this time. Experience breathtaking mountain country from the comfort of your train seat--book yourself onto a Eurostar from Italy to Switzerland. Travel by rail for the views, the food and the people that will make lasting memories of your trip.

Decide When and Where to Travel

Select a departure city in Italy.

Select a destination city in Switzerland.

Plan which day and at what time you'd like to travel.

Let your budget and needs help you choose among first class, business class or second class service.

Get Your Ticket for Travel Between Italy and Switzerland

Get organized and book your train ticket before you leave home or your hotel through the Trenitalia Web site (see Resources).

Get help from a travel agent in Italy to book your ticket--their assistance is free.

Be spontaneous and head to the train station and buy your ticket at the counter or a convenient automatic kiosk.

Be sure to get seat reservations along with your ticket. These are required for guaranteed seating on routes between busy cities. They cost a few euros.

Purchase your meal with your ticket and receive a discount. Choose this option and look forward to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Arrange for parking your vehicle at departure in Italy or book a taxi for your arrival in Switzerland through the Trenitalia Web site (see Resources).

Get on Board

Be sure to pack reading material and a camera for the trip. Take extra clothing for air-conditioned cars and euros for the snack bar or onboard restaurant.

Stamp your ticket at a kiosk before getting on the train. The conductor can help if you forget.

Find the right car. Signs on the train direct you to your class of seating.

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