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How to Travel From Jordan to Israel
By:Robert Morello

Israel shares borders with the potentially hostile nations of Syria and Lebanon, beyond which to the east stands Iraq and to the southeast, Iran. As a response to the potential threat its position poses, Israel has restricted many visitors from these countries from entering through border checkpoints. Israel enjoys better relations with Jordan and Egypt, so the borders here are passable on the ground or by air.

Reserve a rental car from Jordan at Amman's Queen Alia International Airport, Amman city center or Aqaba online using a major travel site to find your rates and selection, and a corporate rental company site to book the car.

Renters must have a driver's license and car registration translated to English, as well as valid insurance to enter Israeli territory. Drop off fees for one-way rentals can be extremely high so try your best to return the car where you rented it.

Rental cars can also be reserved along with a private driver if you do not wish to drive yourself.

Plan your ground route from Jordan into Israel based on the locations of the border gates between the two countries. Three main gates handle much of the trough traffic from Jordan to Israel and vice versa (see Resource 2). These gateways are known as: The Yitzhak Rabin Border Terminal, The Allenby Border Terminal, and The Jordan River Border Terminal.

Locate the JETT Bus Station nearby the Abdali Bus Terminal in central Amman. Here you can catch daily buses departing for the King Hussein Bridge at the West Bank. Entrance into Israel is by foot after you disembark from the bus. At the Abdali Terminal itself you will find something along the lines of a luxury coach that also makes the trip each day for a higher cost.

Locate a yellow taxi on the streets of Amman and you may be able to bargain a rate for a ride all the way to the border with Israel. Taxis are a low-cost transportation option in the cities and they are quite reasonable for long trips as well.

Review the available flights from Amman to Tel Aviv and you will find at least three scheduled daily. Air is the quickest way to travel, but security for these flights can prove quite thorough and the expense does not match the value of the several forms of ground transport available.

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