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Cheap Tours for Jordan & Egypt
By:Claire Moorman

If you've always wanted to catch a glimpse of ancient wonders or puzzled over the Bible's famous burning bush or Mount Sinai, then a tour of Egypt or Jordan may be the perfect vacation for you. There are many trips available for each location, and some which span both countries in the same tour. For the budget conscious, there are a few cheaper options. A good money-saving tactic is to opt to stay in cheaper hotels, since many tours offer the choice.

Cairo Stopover
Travel EG offers a four-day, three-night tour of Cairo and the Great Pyramids, which includes three-star hotels in Cairo, daily tours with an English-speaking guide, breakfast, car service and tax fees for one lump-sum price. The length of each tour is a group decision. Groups are for no fewer than 10 people. The trip begins in Cairo, where a guide helps all tourists with luggage and passports. From there, the tour will take you to Cheops, Chephren, The Hanging Church and more.

Travel Eg Head Office

4 Mohamed Mazloum Rd,

Cairo, Egypt

+2 02-23929569 - 23915035


Egypt and Jordan Explorer
This nine-day tour will take you from Cairo, Egypt to Petra, Jordan. It features an optional snorkeling outing at the Blue Hole and a climb of historic Mount Sinai. The trip will give you a chance to marvel at the Great Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, and the Red Sea while also giving you a full tour of Jordan. Once in Jordan, you can take a jeep safari and spend the night sleeping in a tent in a Bedouin camp. Next, visit the ancient city of Petra, which was carved into sandstone. To save money, opt for the three-star hotel version of the tour.


Egypt Uncovered

Teazle House

Town Street

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

+44 0-845-130-48-49


Egypt and Jordan Adventure
This Gap Adventures budget tour will take you through Egypt and Jordan in 17 days. You will get the chance to ride a camel, travel down the Nile on a felucca, and eat dinner with local residents of a Nubian village. Climb Mount Sinai or relax on the beaches of the Red Sea. This tour also visits Petra, Jordan and the Great Pyramids. The trip includes breakfast for each day and five dinners. Guests will sleep in hotels for the majority of nights, but also spend some nights in a sleeper train and in the water on a felucca with toilets and showers. There is a maximum of 15 people allowed per group.

Vacations To Go

5851 San Felipe, Suite 500

Houston, TX 77057



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