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Things to Know Mallorca Shopping and Dining
By:Lek Boonlert

For tourists looking to find a beautiful island escape, where there is nothing but the sound of the waves and the sunshine beaming onto them, a great place in the Mediterranean would have to be the island of Mallorca. The capital of the island is Palma de Mallorca, but tourism is not just centered around this town. Visitors have plenty of things to do and see all over the island.

From mainland Europe to the island of Mallorca, visitors can most easily travel via air. The capital city contains the largest airport in the island, and the only airport that services international flights. While on Mallorca, travelling via car or bus is the easiest way to get around. Hotels in Mallorca are found around the island, and not just in the large cities.

Does Mallorca have a decent dining scene?Mallorca is a very popular tourist destination, and one of the most enthralling activities to do while staying on the island is the check out the hundreds of restaurants found throughout the landscape. There are so many restaurants to choose from in both the capital city and smaller towns around the island.

Where can tourists dine?Most of the restaurants found in Mallorca are located in the city of Palma de Mallorca – the islands capital. The centre of town is a great place to dine, especially near the main shopping areas of the city. Magaluf is another stunning place that is filled with tourists and great restaurants, some of which overlook the beach and water.

What cuisine can be found in Mallorca?Mallorca is famous for its traditional restaurants, which can be found across the entire island, from the centre of the capital city, to the tiny villages of the Mallorca coastline. Of course, there are also plenty of international cuisines to be found in the island’s main cities. Fast food, Italian, French and many other cuisines are all available in the island of Mallorca.

Are there any local dishes worth trying?Like most islands and regions of the Mediterranean, there are a number of interesting local dishes found in Mallorca. One of the most popular delicacies on the island is the swirling bread known as ensaimada, which is similar to a croissant or donut in its sweetness. In addition to this delicious bread, visitors should also try trampos, which is a vegetable pizza that has been roasted and oiled. Cheese and bread are also wonderful local foods of fantastic tastes.

What about Mallorca’s shopping delights?Shopping attractions are scattered across the island, but most are found in the capital city.

However, there are also some shopping centres and markets situated outside the heart of the capital.

When are opening hours?The larger shops in the cities of Mallorca are open from 9:00 in the morning to about 21:00 in the night. However, it is important that visitors remember the siesta time, which is where shops close in the mid-afternoon, around about 14:00, for several hours. In the tourist centres of the island, the high season usually sees shops stay open seven days a week.

Are there any modern stores?Several modern stores can be found in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, including El Cortes Ingles and the shops along Avenue Jaume III.

Any cheap shopping sites?In addition to the modern shopping stores, there are plenty of markets located around the island, including in the capital city and outside the capital. Everyday of the week, travellers will be able to find a market open somewhere, including those in Palma’s Plaza Major on Friday, and Santa Maria on Sunday morning.

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