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Visit Amsterdam and Experience All It Has to Offer
By:Gaizka Pujana

However, today people are beginning to understand the city is far more than the red light districts and back street cafes. This amazing, vibrant city is home to some of the most beautiful architecture, vibrant nightlife, and fascinating sights. There are museums nestled in-between boutiques and amazing restaurants along the canals. No matter what you are looking for from this superb city, you will find it during your stay.

Amsterdam boasts some of the most incredible museums, and historical buildings including the oldest stock exchange in the world. Alongside this magnificent building, you will find over 30 different museums all offering you something entirely different. Whether you want to visit the Heineken museum of music, or Van Gough's museum of Modern Art they can both be found very easily in this magnificent city.

The city is a very liberal place to visit, and you will find that sex is openly talked about; with the world famous red light district now being a tourist attraction. You will find that you will be compelled to wander through this area of the city, joining the thousands of other tourists who simply want to experience the atmosphere. Although some people do travel to Amsterdam to pay for sex, there is no pressure for you to do the same.

In this area of the city, there are some very unusual cafes and shops, which can cause huge amounts of amusement. If you are open minded you may want to visit the museum, which has been dedicated to everything connected with sex. There is also the cannabis museum in this area of the city, which gives a very interesting point of view regarding the drug. Many of the cafes in this area are known for allowing you to openly smoke cannabis, and the menus will cause a few smiles.

Many people are travelling to Amsterdam for stag and hen weekends, as the nightlife is fantastic and will provide you with a great weekend away with friends. The most popular area for clubbers to explore is the Rembrandtplein district where you will find a huge array of clubs. There are clubs to suit every taste and budget in the city, and you are guaranteed an amazing time wherever you choose. Whether you want to party the whole weekend, or enjoy the sights Amsterdam has it all for you to enjoy.

Although many people feel that Amsterdam is not for families this is untrue, and many people travel with their children for the overall cultural experience. With so much to see and do in Amsterdam, you will wish that you had decided on a longer stay, and many people return to experience what they missed. With a huge choice of shopping, nightlife, history and amazing culture, it is no surprise that Amsterdam has been ranked fourth most popular city to visit in the world.

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