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Beautiful Egypt
By:Thom Sanders

With Egypt family holidays becoming increasingly popular there are many first time visitors to the country out there, this article looks at several top attractions of the country for those who know very little about this fantastic country and its ancient history.

Topping the list, and the one that many people will recognise, are the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. These impressive monuments have come to represent much of what the outside world sees when they think of Egypt, and for a good reason. The pyramids form some of the greatest tombs on the planet, their perfect peaks soaring up into the sky. The Sphinx is more of an enigma, with archaeologists arguing to this day over its purpose.

Next on the list, another ancient structure, are the magical temples dedicated to Ramsis II and his wife Nevertari. The temples were built in the belief they could grant immortality and they're some of the most beautiful examples of ancient structures in the country. The other truly remarkable story behind these structures is that they were moved in their entirety in the late 20th century to avoid flooding in the area they were originally located.

Moving on, and its another icon of Egypt, is the mighty river Nile. Not only is it one of the longest and largest rivers on the planet but it also makes for an excellent cruise experience! The Nile has been at the heart of Egypt for thousands of years, with ancient sites set all along the length of the river. The river also houses an abundance of life, along with its impressive history, and you can see everything from the fantastic bird life to sleek Nile crocodiles.

Next up, and one of the sites you can visit from the river, is the beautiful Valley of the Kings. This sacred valley houses the tombs of the Pharaohs and because of this has some of the most incredibly decorated structures in Egypt. Inside the tombs many fantastic treasures have been discovered including the famous mummy Tutankhamun.

Finally we have a more modern jewel and it's the countries capital, Cairo, a fantastic centre of culture. Cairo's a place you wouldn't want to miss and luckily most trips to Egypt will feature some time in the capital. The city is packed with fantastic markets, brilliant culture and amazing history. The city also features several fantastic museums that help enrich any trips you may be thinking of making to the ancient sites.

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