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Greece in the Autumn
By:Thom Sanders

Out of season holidays are becoming increasingly popular these days and as the long nights of the summer start to wane, countries like Greece make for tempting out of season holiday destinations. Greece has a fantastic historical background and in the early months of the autumn it still features a warm climate, so you can still enjoy the beaches. This article looks at the many great reasons to take a holiday here off season. So why not book yourself one of the many villas in Greece and take a trip to this fantastic country.

First off, and top of the list for many, is the weather. As many people living in a more temperate climate with know autumn weather can be fairly unpredictable, this however is less of a problem with Greece as it's warmer Mediterranean climate means that it stays sunny and warm well into October. During the day you can expect average temperatures of around 70F/21C which is more than warm enough for shorts and tee shirts, and it's the perfect temperature for walking around exploring the fantastic islands and cities that Greece offers.

The lack of crowds is next on the list of reasons, and it's a good one for many. The true Greek culture tends to get overwhelmed in the summer months, as it's such and attractive tourist destination. With the lack of these crowds in the later months you get much more time to relax and potter around the best locations in relative peace. You get a lot more from eating out too with out the crowds, as the restaurants are less busy and the service is much better.

The reduction in price is point number three. As with many out of season holidays you get to enjoy the reduction in price that comes with not being peak season. Out of season the hotels usually charge less, the air fares are cheaper and many of the restaurants offer discounts to draw in people. You need not worry about finding hotels too as many stay open all year round.

Finally on the list we have the extra time you gain. Everything from looking at the famous sites to staying out for more of the day, you can take your time and relax for longer. No more do you have to be the first person to enter the Acropolis, Meteora, or Delphi, to avoid the crowds and the mid-day heat. You can take your time to wander around and soak up the history in the warm, but not to hot, Greek autumn climate.

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