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Bologna Travel Guide
By:Matthew Talbot

Ducati, Lamborghini, Ferrari and the La Cucina Bolognese are some of the reasons why most people keep on coming back to Bologna. A city between the Po and the Reno rivers, Bologna boasts of the oldest university of the Western world, the University of Bologna, founded as the Studio in 1088. Although it is not as popular to foreign visitors, Italians who carry the Eurail pass always find the opportunity to visit the place filled with Italy's historical and cultural past.

History Of Bologna
With inhabitants traced during the Bronze Age, Bologna was said to be founded at 534 BC and was named Felsina. Its importance declined but was revived during the 5th century under Bishop Petronius. When it stood against Frederick Barbarossa, the city grew more during the 11th century. Upon the promulgation of the Paradise Law in 1256, feudal serfdom was abolished and slaves were freed. By the 15th century, Bologna reigned as the city of art with the presence of prominent architects and painters. It was also in this period where women were allowed to excel in their chosen fields, something that is unique among Italian cities. Several events occurred in the city, including its bombing during World War II, but it remained as Italy's historical center.

Things To Do In Bologna
If all you can think about Bologna is food, then maybe you are right. Bologna has several places to visit that have something to do with food tasting and food preparation. The Bologna Cooking School, located about a kilometer away from the center of the city, is a real Bolognese home cooking school. Then there is the Amici de Babette Cooking School where you can learn to cook Bologna's traditional foods. A walking distance from the city is Cook Italy by Carmelita, the longest and most established cooking school in Bologna. It is a market-to-table cooking class where you start by shopping around for the ingredients that you will be cooking thereafter. Another is Taste of Italy and Italian Days Food Experience. Both experiences are fit for the foodie in you. But if cooking is not your thing, you can have a museum visit at the Museo Internazionale de Biblioteca della Musica, the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna or the Museo Civico e dal Rinascimento. Or you can take pictures at the Santuario di Madonna di San Luca, where you need to walk four kilometers up the hill just to get there. The Basilica de San Domenico and Santo Stefano offer religious architectural experience. And for those who want to experience the panoramic view of Bologna, you can take the 498 steps up the Towers of the Asinelli and Garisenda. As you soak in the unforgettable breathtaking view of the city, you will promise yourself that you'll come back again.

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