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Berlin Shopping - Vacation Tips - Germany
By:Gaurav Ks

Berlin is without doubt one of the main centers for shopping in Germany and the numerous districts provide a shopper's paradise. Whether you are looking for fashion, antiques, furniture or home accessories, rest assured that Berlin will provide you with a huge choice.

Traditionally when you talk about fashion and shopping you may not think of Berlin, but that is a misguided perception as the fact is; Berlin is a great place to shop with its numerous places for shopping sprees. Whatever you taste you will be able to get your shopping needs covered.

You can find the whole spectrum from flea markets and cheap bargain stores to antiques and extravaganza, and when it comes to clothing, Berlin also offers all varieties, from luxury up-market designers to cheap high street. Bigger shops are open till late every day except Sundays and the prices are very competitive compared to other shopping capitals in Europe which just make the Berlin shopping experience even better!

Berlin is one of Europe's best kept secrets when it comes to shopping destinations. It's a big city and has all the big national and international chains as well as a thriving specialist and boutique scene. Yet price levels are reasonable: you're not paying for the ridiculously high costs suffered by stores in other capitals, giving you more bangs for your Euro or buck.

In Berlin most shops and malls open between 9am or 10am and 8pm every day (except Sunday and public holidays). Supermarkets generally open earlier, at 8am or even 7pm, whereas smaller fashion boutiques and specialist shops may only open around midday. On special occasions about four times a year shops are also permitted to open on Sundays, but only between noon and 5pm ,the four Advent Sundays are also legal shopping days (unless the last Sunday falls on Christmas Eve).

In Berlin everyone likes to go shopping in his own district. Therefore in nearly every district shopping malls and centers reflect the character of their inhabitants.
Whether the ‘Arkaden am Potsdamer Platz’ or the Europe Center, more and more shopping malls in Berlin offer pleasant shopping especially on rainy days.You can take Cheap Airline Flights any day for visiting in Berlin and must take the views of shopping areas.

There are countless places in Berlin for second-hand shops. A big selection of second-hand clothes is on sale at Colours in Bergmannstrasse, Kreuzberg and in Trash-Schick in Wühlischstrasse, Friedrichshain. You'll find nearly everything you need in Berlin's second-hand shops.

Visiting Berlin can be enjoyable especially for those people who love shopping. So enjoy shopping!

Gauravks is a articles writer whose major area of focus is travel. His articles
on different travel topics like Cheap Flights to Berlin and Cheap Hotels to Berlin are published on various online plateform.
Don't forget to visit his site at http://www.Myberlin.co.uk.

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