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A thrilling shopping spree to Geneva, Switzerland
By:Travel Expert

Geneva is one of the most attractive cities in Switzerland, situated on the waterside of Europe largest lake, Leman Lake. Famous for its big hotels, super malls and an array of jewelry stores, Geneva is without a doubt one of the best places in Europe to enjoy a shopping spree. The quality of life of the people is stunning; the atmosphere of the surroundings is breathtaking, while an overall experience around the city will make up for the finest retreat.

The most visited markets are on Place du Molard Rive Droite, Rue du Mont Blanc, as well as Rue du Marche and Rue du Rhône. Around these areas tourists will find the most expensive stores and finest designer’s boutiques. From clothes to jewelry, from shoes to souvenirs, Geneva will make every adventurer benefit from the best shopping spree. All stores are opened for the public from 9am, with a small break from 12 am to 2pm. Geneva’s watches industry has always been recognized as one of the world’s most impressive businesses. Names like Piaget, Swatch, Omega and many more have managed to take control over the market producing quality items appreciated by tourists all over the world.

Centre Balexert is the most excellent malls in Geneva, where there are to be found over 110 stores. Endowed with clothing line stores, groceries and entertaining activities Balexert is one of the best places to take advantage of every time you visit Geneva. Trendiness, fashion, great food option and relaxing cafes are also easy to take advantage of. Continue your adventure by visiting Confederation Centre Shopping Mall as well, a perfect location to enjoy some more adventure and the best location to use up extensive amounts of money. Benefit from the fines brands, have fun and interact with the lively people of Geneva. All over the city you’ll find great areas to waste money. However, if you’re not interested to lose thousands of dollars, have a look at some welcoming and convenient market places as well. Place du Molard features affordable fashion, plenty of souvenir shops; Place de la Madeleine, is another location where every tourist can admire the traditional surroundings and imposing architecture. Vacationers will see that the people of Geneva are so inviting and friendly, ready at any time to bargain for their merchandize.

For shopaholics looking for the finest jewelry, Rue de Rive and Rue du Rhone are great places to start. From the most glamour to the most dazzling items, these streets come along with great accessories for women. Starting with fashion and featuring splendid surroundings, Geneva is a dream come true. The entire city has the most intimate and private vibes, where every foreigner will discover great activities and fine shopping locations. Geneva is not just architectural; it is also romantic and thrilling. In case your budget is not that solid, don’t worry because there are various accessible stores as well. Spend the liveliest vacation, admire the people, the environs and decide to have the time of your life around such wonderful European cities.

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