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Romantic Activities for Couples in Venice, Italy - Writer:_Travel_Expert
By:Travel Expert

From the most interesting, entrenched architecture to the numerous unrevealed legends, from the everlasting, classical music to the most breathtaking cathedrals, Venice is certainly a dream place for honeymooners and tourists worldwide to spend an unforgettable, one of a kind holiday.

• Gondola Tour

To start with, this Italian maze highlights the very first concept of romance through its old yet mysterious façades. The ideal gondola tour features the most intimate and relaxing trips along the canals of the city; moreover, tourists will be able to admire and explore the history, as well as enjoy the surreal scenery. This water city features unique buildings, numerous grey headed bridges, as well as an entire history piled into the one and only, Venice.
Gondoliers will reveal everything you have to know about the deepest, most intriguing secrets of the city while you admire this work of art created, defended and worshiped so many centuries ago.

• St. Mark’s Square

Apart from the unique canals, the city features one on the most astonishing places to visit in the entire Europe, St. Mark’s Square, a perfect location for couples, photographers and travelers all over the world who endeavor for something new and magical. Tourists come to the square to admire the architecture and also to visit the Basilica, a sacred, magnificent cathedral that offers forgiveness and gives hope to all its visitors. St. Marks’s Square highlights the concept of Italian past together with some insight into the lives of former inhabitants, to make up for an indelible experience.
The giant, fabulous market dignifies the perfect opportunity to create the most romantic adventure, as well as a memorable journey for the curious, excited tourists.

• Sunset tour by boat

Escape from reality, leave everything behind and choose to take the royal sunset tour by boat. Live the adventure and feel the romance within the greatest landscapes and the most magnificent scenes.
Such a unique experience is definitely a chance of a lifetime to discover the unlocked myths of Venice and take just a little bit of Italian passion on the road with you. Take your time to visit the city; search it step by step, explore the narrow, enigmatic streets and find out more about the culture and civilization of such a fabulous floating labyrinth.

• Doge’s Palace

From so many museums and palaces to visit, Venice lodges one of the most attractive and interesting places, Doge’s Palace, a former aristocratic residence and an actual masterpiece. Its construction features exquisite designs while the atmosphere highlights a darkly, drawn past to the traveler. Immerge into an outlandish, chimeric palace and find out as much as you can about a fabulous, romantic civilization.

• Palazzo Grassi

Fabulous, classic and with an entire history behind, Palazzo Grassi features one of the most spectacular places to visit in Venice. Made of white marble and situated near the Grand Canal, the palace admits an entire art gallery of Francois Pinault, as well as some temporary masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci. It is the perfect place to gather some more information about the Italian art, and also about the history and construction of such an outstanding palace. Explore the surroundings, find out its secrets and experience the culture and knowledge of former Italian artists.

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