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Most Popular Wine Regions in France - Writer:_Travel_Expert
By:Travel Expert

France, Europe’s most romantic countries is also one of the world’s top wine sellers. Featuring endless varieties and exquisite tastes, the country is certainly a wine paradise. Dwellers and travelers alike will definitely be thrilled to try out some of the best assortments, mostly because of their high quality and fame. Feel free to analyze our top 5 wine region in France, and decide which diversity suits your sophisticated taste.

• Alsace
Mostly famous for white wine, the Alsace region is one of the best wine regions in the country because of its massive production and international export trade. Furthermore, red wine, rose and sparking assortments are also being produced in Alsace. The location of the region is on the eastside of France, on the Rhine River. Practically, all wineries are smoothly kept alive by the river, while the inhabitants are offering the finest care to their crops. Some of the most well known types are Muscat, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, as well as Riesling among others.

• Bordeaux
The region of Bordeaux is positioned on the Atlantic coast. Featuring an extensive past in wine proficiency, the main assortment is red wine and the flavors are varied. From sweet to dry, Bordeaux is without a doubt an exquisite location. Around the area all crops are careful maintained, while the people pay maximum attention to the quality of the wine. Château Latour, Château Lafite-Rothschild, , Château Mouton-Rothschild, Château Haut-Brion and Château Margaux are some of the best varieties, however Bordeaux has plenty of others assortments as well.

• Champagne
Located near Belgium, on the east side of France, Champagne is one of the country’s oldest wine regions. Famous mostly for the sparkling wine, the location is endowed with style and skill to make such tasty type of wine. The colors of the champagne assortment can sometimes be pure white, or even rose. Regarding the taste, people might be interested in the dry ones that go very well with European food, as well as the sweeter varieties, perfect as a dessert. Enjoy the amazing flavor of the sparkling wine appreciated worldwide and often replaced by the real champagne, due to the taste similarity.

• Provence
Provence is recognized as the warmest of all French wine regions, due to the closeness to the Mediterranean. Its main variety of wine is rose and red, because the grapes for these types are being perfectly baked under the strong sun. The region is extremely prestigious because of the high quality of the wine, as well as the trading export number. Various countries love Provence wines because they’re different from the others, stronger in taste and more aromatic.

• Loire
Stretched along the River Loire, the region is extensively famous for its Sauvignon Blanc. Due to the length of the river, the array of wine range is extensive offering endless choices for the people. Touraine for example, is a perfect wine variety produced in cold parts; however, its savors and tastes are as aromatic as the ones prepared in warmers locations. In France it doesn’t really matter a region’s natural temperature, but the quality of the crops in that particular spot.

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