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How to manage in Athens, Greece - essential travel tips - Writer:_Travel_Expert
By:Travel Expert

Athens, a city with an impressive past and an outstanding history features incredible points of interest, especially during the summer season. Suitable for couples, groups and families, Greece’s capital has great attractions to esteem and admire. Check out some useful tips to help you get started as soon as you get to Athens.

Before leavening your home town, make sure that you’ve packed everything necessary for your trip to Athens. Don’t forget your passport and all legal documents required to set foot on Greek territory. In order to manage, certify that you’ve purchased a detailed map of the city, lots of sunscreen and plenty of water because it will be hot and sunny. Discuss with a traveling agent about the most important attractions, best places to eat, most appreciated spots and so on, and he will tell you exactly what you need to know regarding the cultural and historic side of the city. Grab as many brochures as you can, put on your sun glasses and enjoy an incredible adventure to Athens. When you get to the city remember that you should never take a taxi. It is extremely expensive and kind of exaggerated when you realize that you might end up paying 20€ for a 10km ride. Instead, take the bus because it’s exactly the same. The average price per ticket is 3€ and most buses have air conditioning and great comfort for all types of tourists.

Athens is also extremely welcoming when it comes to dinning. Various cafes and restaurants offer free deserts and welcoming drinks, so as to make every traveler feel as good as possible. All in all, you’ll have a great time because the metropolis is so appealing to everyone. In case you’re interested to visit several places, you can also rent a motor bike or even a car. it’s not that expensive. Usually, the cost to rent a car is 25€ for an entire day, and for a motorbike is around 15€. However, you will have to pay for the gasoline and don’t worry about malfunctioning, because you’ll have full car insurance in case something happens.

Famous for the amazing Acropolis, romantic beaches and delicious food, the wonderful city will certainly live up to your expectations. Walking during the night in Athens is the best, because you’ll feel the romantic vibes and breezy wind of the Mediterranean, a dream come true for every traveler.

In case you’re a bit afraid because you don’t know the Greek language don’t worry; numerous inhabitants speak English and they are so welcoming and friendly with all tourists. It is advisable to learn some basic Greek words because you’ll be able to manage more easily throughout the city, although it’s not compulsory. When it comes to dealing with money, tourists should chance their budget into Euros, the official currency in Greece. Shopping is also highly appreciated in Athens; however, don’t bother going on a shopping spree on Sundays because everything is closed, except restaurants and cafes. Usually, Greek people have their stores opened from 10:00am to 16:00pm.

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