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Peculiar Places to Visit in Spain - Writer:_Travel_Expert
By:Travel Expert

Spain, a country where music, dance and cheerful ambiance is everywhere, features great offbeat destinations for the adventurous type of tourist looking for innovative, new attractions. In Spain, mostly during the summer season, the weather is fantastic; the wind is not so strong, and the surroundings will definitely impress voyagers.

• Pyramides De Gumar, Tenerife
Positioned on the east side of Tenerife, the 6 mysterious pyramids have become over the years one of Spain’s most unusual attractions. Because of their enigmatic formation, archeologists still don’t know what lead to their construction. For travelers, the location is something interesting to admire, and at the same time puzzling. Some specialists say the the pyramids were designed after the principles of Mexico and Mesopotamia; however, there are numerous other conceptions. For those interested, the cost per ticket is 10€, and throughout the location there is also a souvenir shop to take advantage of, as well as a cafeteria.

• Parque de los Cocodrilo, Gran Canaria
Dwelling more than 300 species of crocodiles, the park is a location entertaining for children, but kind of scary for adults. What is indeed amazing is the crocodile feeding, the most appealing moment of the day, where the hungry creatures will fight for the bigger piece of meat. Apart from this side of the perk, travelers might also be interested to witness the zoo. Various animals like tigers, jaguars and camels are waiting for tourists to come and admire them. Opened every morning from 9am, the location is free of charge and sort of unusual for most travelers.

• Museo Canario, Gran Canaria
Due to the array of Cro-Magnon skulls, the museum is one of the oddest attractions is Spain. Its strange ambiance and ugly skulls is surely only for fans and specialists. Numerous exhibitions dignify great 15th century ceramics, as well as various traditions of the period. For travelers to esteem, there are several mummies as well, and numerous expositions to remind everyone about the Grand Canaria customs and traditions. The museum is opened from 10am and it costs almost 3€ to enter.

• Loarre Castel, Province of Huesca
In case you’re looking for something intriguing and different, Loarre Castle is a great choice to make. Located in the Province of Huesca in Spain, the location was actually a fortress during the 11th and 12th century. Reaching the destination might be a bit complicated since it’s located upon a hill; however, it’s not that intricate to get there by foot. The scenery is superb for those who like Spanish ruins, and the overall ambiance of the place is quiet and relaxing for everyone.

• Tossa de Mar, Barcelona
Tossa de Mar is a medieval municipality, positioned a few km from Barcelona, where tourists come to enjoy the sunny beaches and admire the scenery. The location is indeed attractive and mysterious due to the 12th secluded town of Vila Vella, where former towers, ancient walls and fortifications are quite amazing. Due to the labyrinth overview of the location, tourists have become more and more interested in the location over the years, due to its its enigmatic ambiance and mystifying vibes.

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