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Most Romantic Attractions in Ibiza Island, Spain - Writer:_Travel_Expert
By:Travel Expert

Ibiza is the island of electronic music, vivacious people and fun activities. However, there are plenty of attractions for couples as well. From vistas to sunsets, from natural locations to urban attractions, choose to turn your trip into the ultimate experience. Now it’s the time to benefit from your honeymoon and take hundreds of photos in a place where romance can be found all over the place.

• Catedral de Santa Maria de Ibiza
Ibiza is a destination where you’ll come across numerous churches and sacred places of interest. However, the milestone of the island is certainly Catedral de Santa Maria. Built in 1235, the sanctuary is today a mesmerizing Gothic attraction, where travelers worldwide will surely find peace and harmony. Find out more information regarding the past history of Santa Maria, admire its impressive architecture and experience the traditional and customary side of Ibiza.

• Sallinas de Ibiza
In case you’re seeking or the most breathtaking area of the island, Sallinas de Ibiza is the right spot to explore. As part of a natural reservation, these salt flats used to have an important role in the financial past of Ibiza. Today, the site is being visited by thousands of tourists because it’s truly outstanding and enjoyable. Throughout the location you’ll find huge blocks of salt that are combined smoothly with the greenery to make up an unbelievable setting. The walking tour is great for romantic travelers who want enjoy solitude and tranquility.

• Aguamar Water Park
You might not think Aguamar is a romantic destination, but once you’re here you won’t want to leave. After spending too much time in a hotel room with your loved one, get out for a few hours and head over the attractive water park. Feel the baking sun, try out all the fun activities and just benefit from your honeymoon. At Aguamar everything is possible. If you’re not a water sport fan, you can easily organize a romantic picnic for your partner.

• Bassa Beach
Ibiza is an island famous or its fun and vivacious coastlines. During the warm season, from Monday to Sunday people are dancing nonstop and they’re having a great time. For couples who prefer a more comforting seaside location, Bassa Beach might be the answer. Unlike some other places, this beach is quieter and more soothing. Feel free to walk the coast with your spouse, esteem stupendous sunsets and dive into the calm waters of the Mediterranean.

• Murallas de Ibiza
The famous walls that used to enclose Ibiza in the past have become today main points of interest for tourists. Some of the fortifications are still intact and they have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site due to their architecture and former purpose. Out of the 8 bastions, the most important is Porta del Mar a well known landmark that belonged to King Phillip II. Murallas de Ibiza offers a gorgeous view of the island and the harbor, as well as the nearby islets. Couples will definitely love the view because it’s indeed gripping with love.

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