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Beautiful Sights to See in Norway

Norway is a beautiful country, filed with fjords, lakes, islands, mountains and many other unique nature attractions. If you get a chance to visit or live in Norway, you can enjoy a number of different activities and attractions, ranging from mountain skiing to island hopping. Besides the chance to experience the midnight sun, you might even get an opportunity to enjoy the Aurora Borealis, more commonly referred to as the Northern Lights. If you're looking for a variety of things to do and places to see in Norway, here is a list of popular activities and attractions. Be sure to wear your comfortable shoes, since you'll likely be doing a lot of walking.

Skiing in Norway
It's almost impossible to spend any time in Norway without at least trying to ski. There are so many beautiful places to ski in this country that it would be a shame not to give it a try. Popular Norway skiing locations include Norefjell, Hemsedal, and Lillehammer, which hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics. Depending on your preferences, you'll find skiing resorts that feature downhill skiing, country skiing, and snowboarding. Some of the facilities even offer sleigh rides for those who would rather take a more laid-back approach to enjoying the beautiful snow.

Briksdal Glacier
Briksdale Glacier, locally known as "Briksdalsbreen," is a chance to get right up close to an actual glacier. You can walk to the glacier by foot, or take ride in a horse-drawn carriage. It's located in the Jostedal Glacier National Park, and is fascinating to see. There are even safari boats that you can enjoy on the lake that is right in front of the glacier. The glacier flows down into the Briksdal Valley, which quite beautiful.

Nobel Peace Centre
The Nobel Peace Centre is an interesting place to visit, full of many exhibits and documents about those who have won the Peace Prize in the past. It opened in 2005, and since that time many people have come to view the exhibits. Easily accessible in Oslo, this centre hosts events, educational programs and features many interesting displays and exhibits. If you're interested in world peace and the efforts people take to help prevent and resolve wars and conflicts, you simply must pay a visit.

Viewing Norway's Fjords
You cannot visit Norway without viewing some of its beautiful fjords. These natural wonders were created by glaciers, with the valleys now filled with sea water. They are long, narrow and deep, featuring steep land on three sides, with one side leading out to the sea. They are a great place to enjoy natural beauty, since they are surrounded by scenic landscapes and majestic mountains. Because these areas haven't changed much over time, they have a pristine beauty that seems to go back to earlier times. Popular fjords to visit in western Norway include Sognefjord, Geiranger Fjord, and Hardangerfjord. You'll also find a number of other beautiful areas to see in western Norway, where you can enjoy beautiful mountains, islands, lakes and cascading waterfalls, in addition to the fjords.

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