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September Festivals in Europe

If you are traveling or living in Europe, there are a number of great festivals you can enjoy during the month of September. Whether you're interested in a wine festival or a fiesta, you'll find a number of interesting events to pass the time.

Tuscany Medieval Festival
This Italian festival takes place in the town of Arezzo. Generally scheduled on the first Sunday in September, you can enjoy a parade, jousting, and plenty of medieval atmosphere. The entire city takes part in the event, dressing up in medieval clothing and participating in the overall festivities. It can be a great way to spend the day.

Biniassalem Grape Throwing Festival
Generally scheduled during the last weekend in September, the Biniassalem Grape Throwing Festival can be quite enjoyable. This festival takes place on the Mallorca island, and although the history of this event has become somewhat blurred over the years, it seems to have its roots in ensuring a good harvest season. It is of course a messy festival, but can also be a lot of fun.

Galway Oyster Festival
Traditionally scheduled during the last week of September, this event takes place in west Ireland. You can watch the World Oyster Opening Championship, and enjoy plenty of live music and street parades. One beautiful girl is also crowned as the Oyster Pearl for the festivities.

Munich Oktoberfest
This German beer festival usually begins on the last Saturday in September. It can be a lot of fun with plenty of festivities, food and of course beer. Many people attend this event, so be prepared for big crowds.

Stuttgart Volksfest
Another German beer festival, this one also generally takes place during the last week of September through the first week of October in Stuttgart. It's not as large as the Munich Oktoberfest, but it's still a very popular event that is attended by many people. Historically, it has its roots as an agricultural festival, but over time it transformed into a beer festival. It's also sometimes referred to as the Canstatter Wasen.

Paris Techno Parade
This raucous parade can be a lot of fun to attend. This one-day is generally scheduled during the last week of September. You can enjoy plenty of music, nightclub specials, and parties galore during this wild event. If you're a techno lover, you owe it to yourself to attend.

Electric Picnic
This event takes place in early September in Laois, Ireland. It is primarily a music festival, spanning several days. Some people consider it to be Ireland's answer to the Burning Man event. It's a wild experience full of uncommon occurrences, which really adds to the overall enjoyment of the visitors.

Ibiza Closing Parties
Scheduled during the last two weeks of September on the Island of Ibiza, the closing parties are the wildest of the entire tourist season. These parties will go on non-stop for days, offering plenty of techno, dance and music. There is also plenty to drink, and fireworks to enjoy. It might be a bit too wild for the tastes of some, but it's worth experiencing at least once in your life.

Alyssa Davis writes for Metal-Wall-Art.com and is a specialist in creating unique interiors with bike metal art and wall mounted candle holders.

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