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Welcome To Baeza! (Spain)
By:Albert Doug

Baeza is a city in Andalusia (a region in southern Spain). This city, like many other medieval cities, was situated on the mountain Lora de Baeza due to strategic reasons. Baeza has been included in World Heritage Sites in 2003 and it is protected by UNESCO. Besides tremendous historical value, Baeza also has breathtaking surroundings-it is located in the middle of the largest olive plantation in Europe!

Baeza - a city with immense cultural heritage

Baeza has about 16,000 inhabitants. However, in this small town you can drink coffee on the Plaza de Leones and enjoy the sight of the Renaissance buildings that surround you. After that, you can go for a walk and visit some of the historical monuments like the Marquess de Jabalquinto palace, which is one of the most beautiful palaces. Furthermore, Moorish style is dominant in its design.

Then, there is the Cathedral of Santa María, which was originally a mosque. In the 16th century, The Chapel of St. Micha was added to the Cathedral. This Chapel was done by Andrés de Vandelvira, the Renaissance architect who worked and lived in Baeza.

And if you run into two separate buildings connected by an arch, then you should know it is the Town hall, another impressive masterpiece.

Baeza is a town with mainly Renaissance buildings, but there is also one Gothic church, church of St. Paul and Romanesque church of Santa Cruz.

It is believed that Baeza was founded in the 9th century. In the past, Baeza was fortified. Thus, nowadays, there are some remains of the fortification like Úbeda, the only standing gate.

People who created Baeza gave Baeza a spirit

Antonio Machado, Gaspar Becerra, Saint John of the Cross and Saint John of Avila are famous people who were born in Baeza and who lived and worked here. There are many events and happenings in Baeza and the most popular is Andaluz pilgrimage. It is held in the honor of the Santisimo Cristo and it happens every year.

Baeza is a town worth visiting

It is 327 km away from Madrid, but you can get there by airplane, because there is an international airport in Granada (only 132 km away from Baeza). So it is quite easy to visit Baeza by road as well. Do not miss your chance to enjoy this amazing medieval city and make your trip to Spain a memorable one.

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