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San Juan, Spain
By:Albert Doug

Gained from the sea, San Juan is a pearl of the Basque

San Juan is a coastal village and a port in northern Spain. It is located on the seaside and it belongs to the province of Gipuzkoa in the Basque country.

Basque people call it Donibane. It is 5 kilometers away from San Sebastian and it lies just beneath the Ulia Mountain. All towns in the Pasajes Bay are situated below the Jaizkibel massif.

San Juan Pasajes is mainly engaged in fishing and it has about 16,000 inhabitants.

San Juan has traces of various conquerors

The word "Pasajes" is a Basque word and it means "passages"; the reason is absolutely clear-the entire town of Pasajes San Juan is full of mystical passages. However, that is not the only meaning of Pasajes. This word also means “portâ€

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