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7 Things You Shouldn't Forget To Pack When Travelling To Ireland
By:Mairead Foley

Warm clothes and shoes- Ireland has a moist climate and it can be windy, which when combined makes it feel cooler. The Gulf Stream means we have a very moderate but unpredictable climate. So packing clothes for Ireland is easy: something wind and water proof and also something warm.

Be prepared also for good weather as we do actually get some very nice hot sunny days! Bring layers and a waterproof jacket. 'Layers' such as a good wool sweater and a light rain/wind breaker!

In winter it can get quite damp so bring plenty of warm clothes. The west coast of Ireland has some of the best beaches in Europe so bring some beachwear too, especially in summertime.

Shoes - comfortable walking shoes in fact! Make sure to pack a pair or two of comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots as the best way to see the Irish countryside and many of it sights is on foot.

The unit of currency in the Republic of Ireland is the Euro – in Northern Ireland it’s Sterling. Make sure you have some of both currencies especially if you are travelling to both parts of Ireland.

A backpack is always handy – especially if you’re hiking or walking long distances to attractions – and bring along some waterproof bags! The wonderful Irish countryside will make you want to walk and walk some more!

Pack that camera and if you have one, a film video camera. Don’t forget essentials for the digital camera such as rechargeable batteries, charger for the camera, and plenty of film! Ireland and its natural beauty offers a wonderful backdrop for marvellous photograph images so be prepared to snap our natural beauty!

Don't forget a plug converter/adaptor – so you can use essential electrical items. The three-pronged plugs are the ones that will work in Ireland so make sure to pack these.

If you’re on prescription medicine make sure you bring a prescription with you, and you’re your health insurance details.

Pack a good Travel Guidebook and Road Map of Ireland. Especially if you’re booking car hire in Ireland. Fair enough the modern car hire contract can afford you a GPS and Satellite Navigation systems, but a good tip is to purchase an ordnance survey map of Ireland. The place names will be in both the Irish and English language. Please also visit the GoIreland.com Maps page.

Not necessarily important but if you have room in your luggage and if you play a musical instrument take it along! If you can sing and play it would go down just mighty in any pub session you may drop into, especially along the west coast of Ireland. And don’t forget to pack your smile to Ireland – it will be given back to you a thousand times!

Mairead Foley writes for the Ireland travel and accommodation website www.GoIreland.com

Visit GoIreland.com for everything you need to know before visiting Ireland, like where to go and what to see. You can also book accommodation all over Ireland including Ireland hotels.

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